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Bangladesh Army

On 22 September 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Rangamati. When the indigenous people counter attacked in self defence Bangladesh army took side with the Muslim settlers. 76 indigenous people were injured and numerous indigenous properties were destroyed.

Bangladesh army harass indigenous people at check post in Rajasthali

On 4 May 2001 Bangladesh army of 14 East Bengal Regiment stopped the microbus of Mr. Mong Nue Marma, member of the CHT Regional Council at no. 5 Rajasthali camp under Rajasthali sub-district in Rangamati. Mr. Marma while going to Rajasthali from Kaptai to attend the Khiang (an ethnic group of the CHT) Conference held at Kukyapara in Rajasthali.

Bangladesh army and UPDF staged the foreigner hostage drama in the CHT. It is notable that both Bangladesh army and UPDF are very keen to keep the army in CHT. UPDF will get supports and shelter from Bangladesh army and army authority can make instability of the CHT situation through the terrorist activities of the UPDF in order to justify their presence. So, it will serve the interests of both parties.

After the end of the hostage drama on 17 March 2001, Bangladesh army have been checking the buses, microbus and even motor bike specially on the roads of Rangamati‑Mahalchari‑Khagrachari, Chittagong­Rangamati, Chittagong‑Khagrachari, Chittagong‑Bandarban etc. and harassing the passengers by checking their luggage, getting them down from the vehicle and putting irrelevant questions to the passengers. There are many check posts in Rangarnati‑Khagrachar road, such as, Manikchari, Ghilachari, Bagachari, Guniapara, Thakuarchara, Chengi Bridge etc. On the other, there are also many check posts in waterway, such as, Subhalong, Charikhyang, Chotaharina etc.


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