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Santu Larma

Santu Larma former guerilla leader and the Chairman of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti or PCJSS.

Khiang people organize conference on land grabbing at Rajasthali

On 4 May 2001, Khiang people held a conference at Kukyapara in Rajasthali. CHTRC Chairman Mr. Jyotirindra. Bodhipriya Larma was present there as Chief Guest.

The Khiang people raised their problems. They opined that they were severely evicted from their ancestral land due to afforestation undertaken by the forest department. They have been cultivating jum at more than 4 thousand acres of land in Dhanuchari, Jingmrong, Pekua, Kukyachari, Chingkang, Kaptai area for time immemorial. But recently, the forest department occupied all the areas without consent from them in the name of forestation. They expressed that only 70 acres of land out of 4 thousand acres were left for their living. On the other, some Khiang have been living in the Chandraghona area under Kaptai but they were not given tittle deeds to the land.

CHTRC Chairman opined that due to the non‑implementation of the accord the indigenous people could not enjoy the rights to self determination. They were suffering in all respects. As one of the ethnic groups of the indigenous people the Khiang people were no exception.


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