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Bangladesh army, the proctector of Muslim settlers

On 22 September 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Rangamati. When the indigenous people counter attacked in self defence Bangladesh army took side with the Muslim settlers. 76 indigenous people were injured and numerous indigenous properties were destroyed.

Bangladesh army harass indigenous people in Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban

In October 2000, the commander of Balyachari army camp under Guimara brigade in Khagrachari district ordered 3 village head men including Mr. Lalit Karbari of Narayanpara and Mr. Pancha Karbari of Jarichandra under Matiranga to attend regularly to him. This order was still in force on 16 October 2000.

Bangladesh army personnel of Charikhyong camp in Rangamati municipality compelled the indigenous people to sell their commodities to them at a very low price. The indigenous people objected to the camp authority but no action was taken.

Bangladesh army of Bandarban brigade plans to grab 30,444 acres of indigenous land in the name of setting up an Artillery Training Centre. The land is in North Hangar, Sualok, Renikhyang, Shout Hangar, Tangaputi and Harin Airi mouzas. If these vast areas are grabbed then at least 25,000 indigenous dwellers would be uprooted. On the other, Bangladesh army of Bandarban brigade plans to grab 184 acres of indigenous land in Balaghata mouza for expansion of brigade headquarter. If this land is acquired then 4,000 indigenous people would be uprooted.


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