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Bangladesh army, the proctector of Muslim settlers

On 22 September 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Rangamati. When the indigenous people counter attacked in self defence Bangladesh army took side with the Muslim settlers. 76 indigenous people were injured and numerous indigenous properties were destroyed.

Muslim settlers attack indigenous people at Technical Training Center of Rangamati

On 26 September 2000, a group of Muslim settlers of Awami League went to Technical Training Centre (TTC) of Rangamati to form a branch of Bangladesh Chatra League (BCL). At first they tried to hold meeting at the hall of TTC. But the principal of TTC did not permit them to hold meeting at the hall. Because, generally no meeting of political organization was allowed in the hall. Then they tried to hold meeting at veranda of TTC but they could not hold it due to rain at that time. Lastly they entered the drawing classroom and forcibly evicted the students from there. As a result, altercation and then scuffle between the TTC students (mostly indigenous students) and Muslim settlers took place. At that time, one settler went to Rangamati College Gate area and propagated that the indigenous students were attacking the Bengali students. Hearing it, Muslim settlers led by Mokaram, Mijan and Swapan rushed to TTC area equipped with the machete and sticks to attack the indigenous students. On the other PCP leaders also reached there. The leaders of both groups compromised.

Next day on 27 September 2000 was the market day at the College Gate. As usual, many indigenous people from near by villages gathered there. But suddenly the settlers of Amanatbag attacked the innocent indigenous people including the TTC students. As a result, at least 10 indigenous people were injured. Among them the following injured people were admitted at Rangamati General hospital.

  1. Mr. Josef Chakma, student of TTC
  2. Mr. Dhananjoy Chakma (18) s/o Joketu Chaknia from Noadam Katachari
  3. Mr. Biplab Chalana (19) s/o Arun Bikash Chakma from Noadam Katachari

In order to normalize the situation, Deputy Commissioner of Rangamati district called a meeting at his office. Mr. Ushatan Talukdar (JSS Vice President), Mr. Kishore Kumar Chakma, Mr. Braja Kishore Tripura (President of PCP), Bodhisatwa Chakma (GS of PCP) and Sudirgha Chakma (PCP district leader) were present in the meeting. It was decided that police would be deployed in order to prevent further tension and attacks. But in the evening of that day the Muslim settlers attacked indigenous students in front of police patrol at College Gate. The victims were-

  1. Mr. Chandan Tanchangya
  2. Mr. Suman Chakma

Police did not take any action against the Muslim settlers. Chandan Tanchangya got serious injuries on his head, settlers attacked him with machete. He was admitted to Rangamati General Hospital.


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