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Alpana Chakma

On 28 April 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and robbed an indigenous Buddhist Ms. Alpana Chakma (45) wife of Kaladhan Chakma of Jarulchara village of Longadu in Rangamati district. The victim was seriously wounded and admitted to Rabeta hospital in Longadu in senseless condition.

Muslim settlers attempt to abduct an indigenous Hindu girl in Matiranga

On 13 August 2000 at mid‑night, Muslim settlers led by Ali Ajgar (18) s/o Hafej Mohammad Ullah tried to kidnap an indigenous girl named Mallika Tripura (13) d/o Upendra Lal Tripum of village Jamadarpara of Guimara under Matiranga of Khagrachari district. But Mr. Krishna Mohan Tripura the brother of Mallika fought Ali Ajgar and captured him red handed. Ali Ajgar was handed over to the Muslim settlers.

Nextday on 14 August 2000 a meeting was held by the settler leaders like Abdul Gafur, Abdul Mian Sarder, Abdul Khalek, Salauddin etc. for settlement of the dispute. Instead of punishing Ali Ajgar, the settler leaders pressed Mallika's parents to give Mallika to Ali Ajgar for marriage . The parents, Krishna Mohan and Union Parishad member Mr. Binoy Chakma protested the decision.

Ali Ajgar and his gang tried to kill Krishna Mohan. Krishna Mohan could narrowly escape and took shelter at Guimara Police Station. He made General Diary with the Guimara Police Station. Next day, Mallika's elder sister Ms. Shova Rani Tripura filed case against following culprits:

  1. Ali Ajgar (18) s/o Hafej Mohammad Ullah of Jaliapara, Guimara
  2. Belal Hossain s/o Manu Mian of Muslimpara, Guimara
  3. Harun Mian s/o Abdul Mian Sardar of Muslimpara, Guimara
  4. Deloar Hossain Bhuiya
  5. Abdul Haque s/o Sirah Mian
  6. Nuru Mian s/o Rafiq
  7. Abdul Gafur Molla
  8. Abdul Kahlek s/o Majal Haque
  9. Sajal Haque
  10. Salauddin s/o Abdul Gafur Molla
  11. Kobbati Ahmed Pathan s/o Manu Mian

But the police did not take any action against the culprits. On the other hand, after 2/3 days Ruhul Amin president of Guimara Awami League was shot dead by the bandits at his home at mid‑night. The leaders of Awami League filed a false case against Krishna Mohan Tripura and Binoy Chakma in connection with the killing of Ruhul Amin. The police arrested them then and there. Mallika Tripura had to leave her home for safety and security. Ali Ajgar and Muslim settlers were threatening to kill Mallika and her parents. They are only indigenous family (Mallika's family) at Jamadarpara. This year Muslim settlers forcibly married two indigenous Marma girls and forcibly converted them to Islam.


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