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Dr. Shushovon Dewan

On 22 September 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Rangamati. When the indigenous people counter attacked in self defence Bangladesh army took side with the Muslim settlers. 76 indigenous people were injured and numerous indigenous properties were destroyed.

Bangladesh forest guards arrest 18 indigenous Buddhists in Alikhyong

On 27 May 2000, Bangladesh forest guards arrested 18 innocent indigenous Chakmas in connection with timber trafficking from Raingkhyong Reserved Forest in Alikhyong. The indigenous people had nothing to do with trafficking. The forest guards who are recruited from the Muslim settlers continue to arrest, kill, and harass the innocent indigenous people in the name of timber trafficking. The victims were identified as‑

  1. Mr. Abhilash Tanchangya (24)
  2. Mr. Priya Tanchangya (25)
  3. Mr. Amar Kanti Tanchangya (25)
  4. Mr. Arash Tanchangya (24)
  5. Mr. Amar Bikash Tanchangya (25)
  6. Mr. Laxmi Chandra Tanchangya
  7. Mr. Chak Kant Tanchangya (28)
  8. Mr. Sok Kumar Tanchangya (24)
  9. Mr. Kanchan Tanchangya (22)
  10. Mr. Shanti Tanchangya (26)
  11. Mr. Amrita Kanta Tanchangya (24)
  12. Mr. Sukhya Mani Tanchangya (27)
  13. Mr. Shishu Kumar Tanchangya (25)
  14. Mr. Chitta Tanchangya (27)
  15. Mr. Jindabu Tanchangya (26)
  16. Mr. Jubaraj Tanchangya (22)
  17. Mr. Shanti Tanchangya (23)
  18. Mr. Chitra Tanchangya (27).


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