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Alpana Chakma

On 28 April 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and robbed an indigenous Buddhist Ms. Alpana Chakma (45) wife of Kaladhan Chakma of Jarulchara village of Longadu in Rangamati district. The victim was seriously wounded and admitted to Rabeta hospital in Longadu in senseless condition.

Bengali settlers rape an indigenous Buddhist girl in Manikchari

On 18 March 2000, Muslim settlers raped Miss. Chaniu Marma(13)daughter of Mr. Aung Fu Marma at Manikchari, Khagrachari. On that day she together with her 5 companions were returning home at Dajjyapara, Manikchari from the funeral of the senior monk at Chitmaram Buddhist Temple. Her 5 companions were-

  1. Mr. Kheja Aung Marma (50), the son of Mr. Ripru Chai Marma
  2. Mr. Areshye Marma (45)
  3. Mrs. Nijama Marma (40), the wife of Mr. Kheja Aung Marma
  4. Mrs. Jesima Marma (50), the wife of Mr. Tri Aung Marma
  5. Mrs. Duma Aung Marma (48), the wife of Mr. Akyashe Marma.

Miss. Chaniu Marma and her 5 companions got off a Bus at Tintahari cluster village at about 4.30 pm. 2 men Mr. Kheja Aung Marma and Mr. Areshye Marma went to shop at Tintahari Bazaar lea­ving behind Miss. Chaniu Marma together with Mrs. Nijama Marma, Mrs. Jesima Marma and Mrs. Duma Aung Marma at a tea stall. It was learnt from Miss. Chaniu Marma that at that time she saw some Muslim settlers playing cards in the tea stall. After a while those Muslim settlers asked her what was her name, where she lived and so forth. Then they abused her with obscene languages. Having been provoked by their indecent words, she also rebuked them in reply.

Later when Mr. Kheja Aung Marma and Mr. Areshye Marma came back to the tea stall after shopping at Tintahari Bazaar, all of them set off for home along Kumari Road. When they arrived at the junction of Kumari Road and Dajjyapara Road, those Muslim settlers armed with machetes, knives and sticks came out of the jungle and attacked them. Having been the victims of their attack, all of them tried to flee but Miss. Chaniu Marma could not manage to escape from the hands of the Muslim settlers. It was learnt from Miss. Chaniu Marma that those Muslim settlers took her to the nearby jungle and raped her in the medieval fashion. After a while, she became senseless.

The remainder of those victims who were attacked along with Miss. Chaniu Marma made the matter known to the villagers after reaching their village. Then the villagers of Dajjyapara and Dhebatali got together, shouted against the rapists and proceeded towards the site where the incident took place. But before they arrived at the site of the incident, the Muslim settlers fled leaving behind Miss. Chaniu Marma. It was approximately 10pm at that time. Then the villagers rescued Miss. Chaniu Marma, carried her home and gave her first aid.

Later with the help of the leaders of the local JSS (Jana Samhati Samiti) and PCP (Pahari Chatra Parishad) Miss. Chaniu Marma was taken to Khagrachari Hospital on 23 March 2000. On the same day Miss. Chaniu Marma was medically examined in the hospital. The doctor sent the medical report to the Court.

On the same day (23/3/2000) as a plaintiff Miss. Chaniu Marma's father Mr. Aung Fu Marma filed a case with the Manikchari Police Station under the Children and Women Persecution Act. Sub-­Inspector Mohammad Fazlur Rahman of Manikchari Police Station is in charge of the case. The Muslim settlers were identified as

  1. Mohammad Jahangir, the son of Mohammad Karmosh 1 Ali
  2. Mohammad Samshul Islam, the son of Mohammad Ahmad Karim
  3. Mohammad Rafique Mian
  4. Mohammad Mizan
  5. One bus driver not identified at that time


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