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Torture Victim

Mr. Baribindu Chakma, 38, son of Mr. Jatindra Lal Chakma of Sadhok Chara, Dighinala was rounded up from his home by the Bangladeshi Army personnel from the Dighinala cantonment at 6:00 a.m. on 25 December 1986. His hands were tied back and then he was severely beaten. The Army men laid him on the ground and kicked him like a football. They hammered his fingers. He was released after eight and half hours of torture. He sought assylum in Tripura, India.

Torture of the Jumma people is carried out by the Bangladesh (BD) armed forces everyday. It's so brutal and severe that many of the victims are crippled and most of them die prematurely. The following information is just a small fraction of the Bangladesh Government organised racial violence committed against the Jumma people of the CHT.

23 September 2008

A group of Bangladesh army personnel led by Captain Tanvir of Merangchari camp conducted the raid at around noon on that day. The soldiers picked Hiro Ranjan Chakma (20) from his home, beat him up and then took him to the camp. He was released the next day on 24 September and went into hiding for fear of further harassment. His mother Shanti Devi Chakma, who herself was raped by army personnel last month, as saying that Hiro Chakma was taken to Dhupchari army camp and was subjected to inhuman physical torture.

Tanvir has earned notoriety for torturing innocent people after stripping them naked. In the last few months, he has made a number of raids into the village of Down Nuopara and other areas under Sakrachari Mouza No. 120 and tortured many innocent villagers. On 4 August, Hiro Chakma's mother Shanti Devi Chakma (40) was gang-raped by a group of Bangladesh army personnel led by Capt. Tanvir during one such raid on the village.

9 August 2008

A quarrel broke out between the Muslim settlers and indigenous villagers at Baghaihat bazaar. In retaliation, at around 11.00 pm the Muslim settlers along with few Bangladesh army personnel attacked indigenous people at Gangaram Dore of Sajek union under Baghaichari. Muslim settlers beat the indigenous villagers and robbed valuables from their houses. At least 6 indigenous villagers were injured in the attack. One of injured was admitted at MSF hospital at Sajek and later transferred to Khagrachari hospital with serious injuries. The following indigenous villagers were injured-

  1. Mr. Buddhadhan Chakma (60)
  2. Mr. Kaloketu Chakma (68)
  3. Mr. Joyanta Chakma (70)
  4. Mr. Tungkala Chakma (42)
  5. Mr. Mukul Kumar Chakma (50)
  6. Mr. Hriday Ranjan Chakma (70) was chopped by sharp weapon and one of his hands was broken. He was admitted at MSF hospital.
The attack was led by
  1. Habilder Shariful from Baghaichari army zone
  2. Mohammed Nasim, a shopkeeper of Baghaihat bazaar
  3. Mohammed Rafiq, a shopkeeper of Baghaihat bazaar
  4. Rahman, a shopkeeper of Baghaihat bazaar and
  5. Ali, a shopkeeper of Baghaihat bazaar.

8 July 2008

A group of Bangladesh army personnel from Digholchari zone raided the Mashkaba Chara village in Belaichari union. The soldiers severely tortured three indigenous people in the village before going back to their camp. After the army personnel had left, the villagers took the tortured victims to Belaicahri Hospital in serious conditions. But the hospital authorities refused to admit them on the ground that they lacked adequate treatment facilities. Instead, the hospital authorities referred the victims to Chandraghona Hospital, where one of them died the following day on 9 July. His dead body was brought back to the village on 10 July. The other two victims were still in deep coma. After the death of 1st victim, the military seized other two victims in the hospital and were denying their relatives access to them.

5 July 2008

At about 11am four Muslim settlers named - Abdul Malek (38), Abdul Salam (45), Akter (48) and Shariful Islam (32) went to Sadhana Tila along with some police personnel in a pick up truck. On their way, the settlers picked up Subo Ratan Chakma (27) and Bakra Chakma from a place near Sadhana Tila and asked them to tell the names of the Jummas who built houses there. When the Chakmas refused to divulge anything, the settlers beat them up. Both Subo Ratan Chakma and Bakra Chakma live in the village of Sachindra Karbari Para, Babuchara, Dighinala.

27 June 2008

Bangladesh army falsely charged the local leaders of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samiti (PCJSS) in the Badarban district with murder of the Priya Tanchangya. At around 1:30 am, a group of unknown gunmen shot dead Priya Tanchangya at his home at Ghanau Para of Kuhalong union under Bandarban. Mr. Tanchangya was an informer of the Bangladesh army. Soon after the incident, joint forces led by Bangladesh army conducted search operation at no. 3 Rubber Bagan area, two kilometers away from the spot. In this operation, 7 innocent indigenous villagers were arrested and brutally tortured by military forces. Among the arrested villagers were:

  1. Joy Moni Tanchangya (40)
  2. Sneha Kumar Tanchangya (22)
  3. Rupan Tanchangya (19)

On that night the joint forces also conducted operation at no.1 and no. 2 Rubber Bagan areas and Bangladesh army tortured 17 innocent indigenous villagers.

17 May 2008

At around 11 am a contingent of 30-40 Bangladesh Rifles personnel (30 Rifle Battalion) led by Subedar Ajad from Logang camp raided the village of Lambu Karbari Para. The BDR personnel rounded up four innocent villagers and took them to their camp. They were severely tortured in the camp and then released. The victims have been identified as Shyamol Chakma (18), Nikel Chakma (17), Tuhin Chakma (17) and Ashim Chakma (27).

13 May 2008

Bangladesh army personnel of Dighinala cantonment arrested Mr. Anunoy Chakma (55) at cantonment's check post under Emergency Powers Act. Mr. Anunoy Chakma is a veteran member of PCJSS and he was arrested while he was returning home from Rangamati. He was taken first to Dighinala cantonment and after keeping there a night, he was handed over to Dighinala police station. A case was filed against him under section 16(2) of the Emergency Power Rules 2007 with Dighinala police station.

7 May 2008

Two groups of Bangladesh army from Longudu and Naniachar zone raided the village of Soileschari under Burighat union in Naniarchar sub-district. In this raid, army encircled the village and gathered the villagers at a corner of the village. The army brutally tortured 4 Chakma villagers. The victims were identified as

  1. Samiran Chakma (35)
  2. Mona Chakma (28),
  3. Ranjan Chakma (30)
  4. Dev Ranjan Chakma (18)

6 May 2008

Captain Shamim and Subedar Abdul Kashem from Naniachar zone tortured 5 Chakma men at Naniachar. The Chakmas came to Morachengi Primary School to be enlisted as voters. The voters stood in long queue in the simmering summer heat. The army personnel used abusive and racist language against the indigenous voters. Some indigenous people protested at such rude behaviour of the army. But the army personnel became furious for daring to protest and beat up five Chakma voters. The victims were identified as

  1. Bir Ranjan Chakma (30)
  2. Shanti Ranjan Chakma (35)
  3. Maya Dhan Chakma (22)
  4. Ms. Kalabi Chakma (35)
  5. Kalamua Chakma (28)

5 May 2008

Bangladesh army under the command of Major Tanvir arrested three Chakma men. Maj. Tanvir arrested Niranjan Chakma after calling him to the camp. Thereafter, the army personnel went to Pukirachara village and arrested Ranangan Chakma(23) from his own house. The following day the army arrested another man named Lamba Chakma when he was going to Pukirachara bazaar. The army severely tortured them and implicated them with false cases after planting homemade guns in their houses.

5 March 2007

The joint forces arrested Mr. Balabhadra Chakma alias Pranjal, Vice President of Dighinala branch was arrested from the house of Ms. Jarita Chakma (Central Member of PCJSS) at Mahajan Para in Khagrachari municipality. At first, the joint forces searched the house of Jarita Chakma. But they found nothing. However, they arrested Mr. Balabhadra Chakma from this house. The victim has been staying there for treatment after stone operation. He was first taken to Khagrachari army zone and then handed over to Khagrachari police station.

5 March 2007

The joint forces arrested Mr. Manubha Ranjan Chakma, President of Baghaichari branch of PCJSS. At first he was called by BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) zone commander to meet at his zone office on that day. He went to BDR zone to meet with the zone commander at 6.00 p.m. However, no sooner he reached the zone office, he was arrested by the BDR zone commander and next day (6 March) he was handed over to Baghaihat army zone under Dighinala cantonment in Khagrachari district. Bangladesh Army brutally tortured him. Bangladesh Army produced him before magistrate court in Khagrachari district on 7 March.

23 February 2007

The joint forces consisting of Bangladesh Army and Police arrested an indigenous activist named Mr. Railai Mro from Bandarban district. The joint forces surrounded his house at Ujanai Para of Bandarban municipality at around 3.30 am and kept the cordon until 7.00 am. After that the joint forces entered the house breaking the door and arrested Mr. Railai Mro. His family member told that no allegation was filed against him with police station or elsewhere. His relative also confirmed that the army arrested him after planting arms in his house so that the arrest could be justified to the media and an arm case could be filed against him. Mr. Railai Mro who was brutally tortured by the army. Due to his serious condition, the police of Bandarban police station did not agree to receive him while army tried to hand over to them at late night of 23 February. At the last, he was admitted to Khagrachari district hospital by the joint forces and transferred to Chittagong Medical College hospital later. He is being provided treatment under police and army custody till to date. Even he was yet not produced before court due to physically unfit. Mr. Railai Mro is the chairman and headman of Sualok union in Bandarban district. He was never involved with corruption or terrorist activities, and even with any political party. However he had been protesting against the eviction of indigenous people from their villages of Sualok and Tankaboti areas in Bandarban district in the name establishment of artillery training centre. Some 750 families including Mro (small ethnic group in CHT) have been evicted from their dwellings. The military forces acquired 11,445 acres of land in 1991-92 at Renikkhong, Sualok and Tonkaboti mauzas in Bandarban district for artillery training centre. The arrests of indigenous activists including Railai Mro are nothing but suppressing the indigenous people so that they could not protest against massive land grabbing and military atrocity, and they could not raise voice for their just rights.

18 February 2007

At 4.30 am joint forces (army and police) led by Liutenant Kazi Mustafizur Rahman and Sub Inspection Mohammed Osman Goni surrounded Mr. Satyabir Dewan's house at Balpiya Adam of Rangamati and arrested him after planting a country-made pipe-gun under the bed of his son Mr. Polo Dewan. Mr. Satyabir Dewan is General Secretary of PCJSS Rangamati branch. Polo Dewan protested while a soldier was planting the gun. But the army threatened him. The joint forces also seized Taka 9,000 and victimís personal collection of books. The victim was produced to the magistrate court in Rangamati district and sent to Rangamati jail. The joint forces fabricated an arms case against him.

18 February 2007

At night the military forces arrested four PCJSS members from Jurachari in Rangamati district. They were Bimal Kanti Chakma, Mr. Ranjit Kumar Dewan, president of Jurachari branch of, Mr. Udayjoy Chakma, general secretary of Jurachari branch and Mr. Mayachan Chakma orgamising secretary of Jurachari branch. They were falsely charged in connection with killing of Kina Mohan Chakma, a supporter of Sama Odhikar Andolan (Equal Rights Movement- Muslim settler organization backed by Army and Islamic fundamentalist groups).

17 February 2007

Members of the joint forces arrested Mr. Satyabir Dewan, general secretary of PCJSS from his home of Banarupa in Rangamati. Mr. Satyabir Dewan was involved with PCJSS since his early life. He is a senior leader of PCJSS and was companion of Mr. Manobendra Narayan Larma. He returned to normal life after CHT peace accord in 1997. He contributed a lot to signing the peace accord and establishing peace in CHT.

11 February 2007

At mid night a group of joint forces (Bangladesh Army and Police) arrested Mr. Saimong Marma, organising secretary of PCJSS Kaptai branch from his home of Raikhali, Chandraghona. The victim was produced to the magistrate court in Rangamati district and sent to Rangamati jail. The joint forces fabricated an arms case against him.

6 February 2007

Around 4.00 p.m. a group of joint forces (army and police) arrested Mr. Sumit Chakma, assistant general secretary of Pahari Chatra Parisad, Rangamati branch along with his colleague from Ghachichar, Savar in Dhaka district. The victims were handed over the police after brutal torture. They were produced to the magistrate court in Rangamati district. They were sent to Rangamati jail.

4 February 2007

At mid night, a group of joint forces (Bangladesh Army and Police) arrested Mr. Bikram Marma, president of PCJSS, Kaptai branch from his home of Chandraghona Christian Missionary Hospital under Rangunia. The forces had planted a country made gun at victimís home and "recovered" it during his arrest. The victim was handed over Chandraghona police station. He was produced to the magistrate court in Rangamati district and sent to Rangamati jail. A false arms case was lodged against him at Chandraghona police station.

24 August 2006

The cadres of the Bangladesh Chatra Dal (student wing of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party) attacked the Jumma students at Rangamati Government College. The cadres were chanting slogan with slang language against Mr. Santu Larma. Some Jumma students requested them not to use slang language. However, the cadres of BNP student organization attacked Jumma students. Following Jumma students were injured

  1. Mr. Romel Chakma (18)
  2. Mr. Goutam Chakma (18)

23 August 2006

Bangladesh Army of Bijitala zone arrested Mr. Sajai Marma, Chairman of Maischari Union in Mahalchari while he was returning home from Khagrachari district headquarter. Major Rashid of Bijitala and Lt. Colonel Kazi Samsul Haque of Mahalchari Zone interrogated and severely tortured him. Army forced him to sign on a white paper and released him at 11.00 pm.

2 August 2006

At night around 2.00 am a group of army personnel from Karengatali army camp under Baghaihat, Rangamati arrested Mr. Pragati Chakma (32) a newly appointed teacher of Rupali Primary School and Mr. Suman Chakma (35), a member of Marishya Union Council (local government). The army handed them over to Baghaichari police station in connection with fire arm case. However, no arms were found during their arrest. Mrs Bidushi Chakma, wife of Mr. Suman Chakma alleged that the army looted gold, 4 wristwatches and Taka 40,170 during the assault. On 7 August both of them were released on bail from Rangamati magistrate court.

12 July 2006

At around 2.00 pm a group of army led by Major Bashir Ahmed Choudhury of Bijitola army camp under Mahalchari zone arrested a local shopkeeper named Kali Bandhu Tripura (50) from Thalipara of Nunchari, Khagrachari. Mr. Tripura was severely beaten and electrocuted. Mr. Tripura was against expansion of Muslim settlement in his village.

30 June 2006

An innocent Jumma named Mr. Suman Chakma (25) of Harangi Para, Kaukhali was arrested by the Rapid Action Battalion of Bangladesh Army from Ghagra Bazar. His where about is still unknown. Itís suspected that the Bangladesh Army murdered him.

17 May 2006

At 4.00 am a group of army personnel raided Kattali village under Longadu. The army detained and tortured following villagers

  1. Mr. Sukanta Jiban Khisa son of Rebati Mohan Khisa
  2. Mr. Bibhas Khisa, son of Rebati Mohan Khisa
  3. Mr. Satyabrata Khisa son of Rebati Mohan Jhisa
  4. Mr. Ashwatama Chakma son of Behala Chakma (ex-member)
  5. Mr. Mekela Chakma son of Aungshu Prue Chakma
  6. Mr. Anit Kumar Chakma son of Pancha Mohan Chakma

7 May 2006

Mohammed Belal, a military intelligence officer of Pancharin zone arrested a returnee PCJSS member named Mr. Buddha Ranjan Chakma alias Kusum (40) of Nalkata village under Panchari while he went to Panchari Bazar. Later the army personnel of Panchari zone led by Second-in-Command Major Nasim tortured him and took a photograph him holding a gun though no arm was found with him. The next day he was handed over to the Panchari police station and a case was also filed against him under arms act with Panchari police station.

4-5 May 2006

A group of Bangladesh Army personnel of Mahalchari zone arrested following six innocent Jummas while they were chatting in a village shop at Lemuchari village under Mahalchari in Khagrachari district. The victims were taken into Mahalchari zone and were brutally tortured. The victims were.

  1. Mr. Sona Ratan Chakma (38) son of late Subash Chandra Chakma
  2. Mr. Hridoy Bindu Chakma (32) son of Satya Ranjan Chakma
  3. Mr. Asim Baran Talukder (47) son of Late Mukundu Lal Talukder
  4. Mr. Priti Bindu Talukder (30) son of Nabadip Talukder
  5. Mr. Santu Chakma (22) son of Indumoy Chakma
  6. Mr. Pradip Chakma (18) son of Rebati Mohan Chakma

Later 5 persons were released from Mahlachari zone due to tremendous pressure from the Chairman of Maischari but Sona Ratan Chakma was handed over to Mahalchari police station in connection with false arms case. The army authority took photographs of each victim holding a gun to fabricate arms case against the victims.

28 April 2006

A group of Bangladesh Army personnel of Maynimukh zone in Longadu conducted an operation for four hours from 6.00 am to 10 am at Jatramura village of Atarakchara, Langadu. The army personnel arrested and severely tortured following 16 innocent Jummas

  1. Mr. Smriti Bikash Chakma, son of Kanchan Kumar Chakma
  2. Mr. Babul Chakma, son of Shanti Mani Chakma
  3. Mr. Sabinoy Chakma, son of Binanda Chakma
  4. Mr. Binimoy Chakma, son of Smriti Bikash Chakma
  5. Mr. Shantimoy Chakma, son of Smriti Bikash Chakma
  6. Mr. Babulya Chakma, son of Smriti Bikash Chakma
  7. Mr. Shanti Bikash Chakma, son of Tarani Sen Chakma
  8. Mr. Baghya Chakma, son of Nilasen Chakma
  9. Mr. Tapan Chakma, son of Jongi Pista Chakma
  10. Mr. Swapan Bikash Chakma, son of Jongi Pista Chakma
  11. Mr. Rabi Sankar Chakma, son of Ukkopeda Chakma
  12. Mr. Binanda Chakma, son of Rajamoni Chakma
  13. Mr. Sunentu Chakma, son of Binanda Chakma
  14. Mr. Gunentu Chakma, son of Binanda Chakma
  15. Mr. Nila Baran Chakma, son of Hridoy Bap Chakma
  16. Mr. Amerika Chakma, son of Ananta Bijoy Chakma

Later 12 men were released but 4 men of the list (1 to 4) were handed over to the Longadu police station in connection with false arms case.

18 May 2004

A group of BDR personnel led by Subedar Kuddush raided Mr. Sneha Moy Chakmaís home at Rangipara of Longadu under Rangamati district. At that time Mr. Sneha Moy Chakma was not in house. The BDR personnel searched his home and forced his wife to sign on the blank paper that the BDR found a shotgun and three cartridges at his home. When his wife refused to sign the blank paper, two BDR personnel dragged and physically harassed her. Her blouse was tore off. At last she was compelled to sign on the blank paper. The BDR personnel ordered her hudband Mr. Sneha Moy Chakma to attend the BDR camp for interrogation

27 April 2004

At around 4 p.m. a group of army from Chandra Para camp of Guimara brigade led by Captain Mohammed Ashfaque took 2 Jumma villagers to the army camp and physically tortured them. The villagers were from Sapmara village of Matiranga. The victims were Mr. Gajendra Tripura (42) and Mr. Babul Jyoti Tripura (17). Later the victims were admitted to Matiranga hospital with severe injuries.

15 August 2003

At 10 a.m. the military personnel of Ghagra Zone arrested three Jummas with licensed gun from Ghagra Check Post who were going to hunting by an auto-rickshaw. At first, the military personnel searched the auto-rickshaw. Then they arrested Prasanta Chakma (47) and Tapan Chakma (28) who were carrying the licensed 0.22 rifle. Mr. Subash Chakma (27) went there to find out the cause of the delay, the Army also arrested him. Later the Army handed them over to the Kawkhali Police Station. The police were compelled to file a case against them.

30 May 2003

The Bangladesh Army personnel led by Subedar Mohammed Habib arrested two innocent Jummas from the home of Mr. Ugra Moni Chakma of South Khirachar in Kedhamara, Bagaichari. The military personnel severely tortured them and then handed over to police. Now they are in the Rangamati Jail. The victims are-

  1. Rabi Dhan Chakma (22)
  2. Putul Bikash Chakma (22).

13 December 2002

Nayeb Subedar Mohammed Hafiz of 14 East Bengal Regiment (EBR) of the Bangladesh Army, led a group of army men to terrorise the Jumma civilians. They arrested without
warrants and evidence the following villagers from Dhulyatuli village under the jurisdiction of Kaptai Upazilla while the latter were returning home after attending a wedding party:

  1. Mr. Dipankar Talukdar (18), the son of Mr. Smriti Bhushan Talukdar, 
  2. Mr. Dipak Chakma (20), the son of Mr. Diyatya Chakma.
The army men tied their victims' hands and legs and tortured them whole night in order to coerce them into confession that they were terrorists. Despite inhuman torture, the victims vehemently protested their innocence. On the following day, the injured victims were released from the army camp.

30 September 2002

Subedar Mohammed Mokhlesh and his men from Baghmara Army Camp attacked the Jumma villages of Baghmara Union Council in Bandarban District under the pretext of searching for armed rebels. The army arrested 8 innocent Jummas including two Buddhist Monks. All the arrested Jummas were kicked, beaten with sticks, hit with rifle butts, the women were abused. The victims were

  1. Rev. Naingda Sara Shraman (18) 
  2. Rev. Naingda Basa Shraman (20)
  3. Mrs. Umya Nue Marma (40)
  4. Mrs. Shwe Mra Ching Marma (35)
  5. U Cha Nue Marma (13)
  6. Mongje Ke Marma (14)
  7. Lakkhi Kumar Chakma (10)
  8. Samar Kumar Chakma (6).

24 September 2002

At about 4:45 a.m, a group of 50/60 Bangladesh Army personnel of 69 Infantry Brigade led by Major Mohammed Nokib raided Baghichara Para village under the jurisdiction of Bandarban District to find out the imaginary "terrorists". They gathered all the villagers at one place, abused them with racial, religious and foul languages, pulled them by the hairs and ears, slapped them in the faces, kicked them with boots, hit them with sticks, rifle butts and tortured them in various ways till they were severely hurt in order to compel them to confess that they carried out the falsely alleged terrorism. The Jumma victims were

  1. Mrs. Nobhina Tanchangya (45)
  2. Mr. Chandra Lal Tanchangya (45)
  3. Mr. Kesha Chandra Tanchangya (50)
  4. Mr. Chandra Lakkha Tanchangya (55)
  5. Mr. Ailiarang Chakma (45)
  6. Mr. Sharat Kumar Tanchangya (45)
  7. Mr. Ajit Kumar Tanchangya (45)
  8. Mr. Nitya Ranjan Tanchangya (55)
  9. Mr. Joy Moni Tanchangya (35)
  10. Mr. Jyotirindra Tanchangya (32)
  11. Mr. Arabindu Tanchangya (30)
  12. Mr. Jolitasen Tanchangya(20)
  13. Mr. Lakshmi Dhan Tanchangya (30)
  14. Mr. Akshay Tanchangya (40)
  15. Mr. Puk Y Marma (25)
  16. Mr. Moritu Marma (35)
  17. Mr. Monjuri Marma (55)
  18. Mr. Asa Chandra Tripura (40)
  19. Mr. Mongal Tripura (26)
  20. Mr. Brikanda Tripura (35)
  21. Mr. Puna Chandra Tripura (35)
  22. Mr. Sadhula Tripura (20)
  23. Mr. Sushil Tripura (22)
  24. Mr. Ishwar Chandra Tripura (40)
  25. Mr. Jorai Tripura (33)
  26. Mr. Raymond Tripura (25)

7-9 September 2002

Subedar Mohammed Rafiq of the local army camp led a group of about 40 soldiers to raid Khwiang Para village under the jurisdiction of Bandarban District upon the pretext of capturing some imaginary "terrorists". They arrested many innocent Jummas without any warrants and evidence, beat them up, kicked them with boots and tortured them savagely. As a result, many Jummas were injured. During the military operation, the aggressors forced the Jumma villagers to provide them with rice, vegetable, chickens, goats, firewood and bananas at nominal prices for 2 days. However, many Jummas particularly the male adults managed to flee to the nearby forests and hills and thus they could avoid the inevitable arrest, mass-beating and torture. The Jumma villagers came to know later that Mohammed Salauddin Kader Choudhury, MP (BNP) from Rangunia of Chittagong District and Parliamentary Affairs Adviser to Begum Khaleda Zia authorised the Bangladesh Army to launch the ethnic cleansing campaign against the Jumma People in the guise of the joint Police and Army operation code named 'Operation Clean Heart'.

7 September 2002

At 1.00 a.m, a group of Bangladesh Army personnel raided Sao Para and Chibuk Para villages of Bandarban District to capture the "terrorists" who did not exist. Without any evidence, they rounded up the innocent villagers and subjected them to mass beating and torture in order to force them to confess the terrorism which they never committed. As a result, many Jummas were injured some of them critically. For example,

  1. Mr. Apru Mong Karbari (66)
  2. Mr. Thuiching Prue Member (41)
  3. Mr. Kya Hla Prue Marma (32)
  4. Mr. Mong Cha Prue Marma (32)
  5. Mr. Mong Prue Chaing Marma (26)
  6. Mr. Pai Shwe Ching Marma (35)
  7. Mr. Ynesa Ching Marma (18)
  8. Mrs. Kayaisang Prue Marma (54), the wife of Mr. Aung Thowai Marma
  9. Mr. U Thoi Se Marma (33)
  10. Mr. Kya Hla Aung Marma (32)
  11. Mr. Kya Hla Marma (28)
  12. Mr. Kya Hla Marma (28)
  13. Mr. Mong Ba Thowai Marma (32)

The victims of No. 10, 11 and 13 were sent to the local jail for further interrogation and torture.

12 June 2002

At about 12-30 a.m, the Bangladesh Army personnel of the East Bengal Regiment from Digholchari Zone under the Kaptai Brigade arrested Mr. Chanu Ranjan Chakma, a son of Mr. Chandra Mohan Chakma of Naralchari village under the jurisdiction of Bilaichari Upazilla, Rangamati District. The arrested Jumma was a returned refugee and also a member of the JSS. According to the CHT Peace Agreement, all Jumma refugees and all members of the JSS must be provided with security. Despite that provision, Mr. C.R. Chakma was severely beaten, kicked and tortured till he was badly injured in the head, hands, legs and body under the pretext of searching for illegal timber businessmen. Again, the Jumma People have the traditional right to sell timbers, bamboos and other forest products in accordance with the CHT Regulation of 1900 and the CHT Peace Agreement of 1997. Therefore. it is fair to say that Mr. C.R. Chakma was arrested and tortured on the grounds that he was not only a Jumma but also a member of the JSS who are in the Bangladesh Government's bad books for demanding the Jumma nation's right to self determination. He was released at 6 p.m. same day because he had to be treated at Bilaichari Health Complex which sent him immediately to Rangamati General Hospital for urgent and proper operations.

22 May 2001

The police of Katowali Police Station of Rangamati arrested following three Jumma youths from Devashis Nagar area as a part of so called operation against the terrorists for killing the auto rickshaw driver, Mr. Abul Kamal. The arrested youths were: 1) Mr. Runel Chakma (18) of Kalyanpur in Rangamati; 2) Mr. Subal Talukdar (19) s/o Sumati Ranjan Talukdar of Kalyanpur in Rangarnati 3) Mr. Mithu Chakma of Devashis Nagar in Rangamati.

21 May 2001

The police of Langadu Police Station arrested Kamal Bikash Chakma, a Jumma herdman from Rangapanichara area under Langadu falsely accusing him with the kidnapping of a settler named Rabiul. Mr. Rabiul was kidnapped on 16 May 2001 ftom Langadu area. Kamal Bikash Chakma was compelled to give fingerprint (as he was illiterate) in a white paper where the police wrote later that he was involved with the kidnapping. He was produced to the court in Rangamati on 23 May 2001 and the court did grant him bail. The victim was: 1) Mr. Kamal Bikash Chakina (23) s/o Surendra Kumar Chakma.

17 May 2001

At 3.00 a.m. police arrested three innocent Jumma youths in connection with the killing of an autorickshaw driver named Abul Kamal. It was notable that on 16 May 2001 the autorickshaw driver was shot by unidentified miscreants near the Bana Bihar area in Rangamati and died later at hospital. Mohammad Abdul Jalil Majumdar, president, Rangamati District Autorickshaw Driver Union filed a case (case no. 8 of Rangamati Police Station dated 16 May 2001, section 302/34 BPC)against unidentified 3 or 4 Jumma youths with Rangamati police station. With this regard, the police arrested the following innocent Jumma youths from TTC road and Roybahadur road in Rangamati town at night. They were produced to the court and the court did not grant bail for them. Rather they were taken to police remand for 3 days for interrogation. It was alleged that they were brutally tortured by the police during their custody. The arrested youths were: 1) Mr. Ranjit Chakma of TTC, Rangamati 2) Mr. Asha Chakma alias Tushar of TTC, Rangamati
3) Mr. Ripan Chakma of Raybahadur Road, T&T, Rangamati.

9 May 2001

The Bangladesh army of S. Ben camp in Kapati conducted a search and destroy operation at Dhulyatali in Kaptai. In this operation, the army surrounded Mr. Swapan Chakma's home and arrested the following Pahari Chatra Parisad (PCP) workers. They were falsely accused of extortion. The victims were: (1) Mr. Dipankar Talukdar (16), (2) Mr. Sunirmal Dewan (18).

25 February 2000

A JSS member named Aleya Chakma, a shopkeeper named Sadhan Muni Chakma (45) and a farmer named Surengya Chakma (32) were seriously beaten at Bat Tala, Manikchari by the army of Manikchari zone, Khagrachari. That day Aleya Chakma went to Sadhan Muni's shop for shopping. When he was chatting with Sadhan Muni Chakma at the shop, a group of army reached there and asked about Maya Bhushan Chakma. Maya Bhushan Chakma was a "wanted" man. He was falsely accused of illegal toll collection. When Aleya Chakma and Sadhan Muni Chakma replied negative, the army started to beat them. At that time, Surengya Chakma was working at his farm near the shop, he was also caught and inhumanly tortured by the army. Aleya Chakma was taken to the camp. After seriously torturing him in the camp, the army tried to hand him over to the police authority of Manikchari Police Station. But the Police Station did not accept him as he was innocent. As a result, the army left him on roadside with serious injuries. Aleya Chakma was admitted to Manikchari hospital.

19 April 1999

In the evening, the Bangladesh Army of the Karesantali camp, Baghaichari, Rangamati District ordered their anti-agreement lackeys to secretly hide country made guns and knives near the homes of some prominent pro-agreement Jummas of Magban and Balukhali in Baghaichari area. Then, they raided those homes at about midnight, searched and found out those hidden weapons, arrested 5 innocent Jummas, and took them to the army camp. The army severly tortured the 5 Jummas to force them to confess that they were they own those hidden weapons. Severe torture notwithstanding, those Jumma victims denied all the made up allegations and protested their innocence. Yet the army handed them together with the weapons to the Baghaichari Police Station. As expected, the Police complied with the orders of the army and sent the 5 innocent Jummas to jail. The Jumma victims were - i) Mr. Rupayan Chakma, the son of Mr. Surendra Lal Chakma of Balukhali; ii) Mr. Samin Chakma, the son of Mr. Jnanendu Chakma of Magban; iii) Mr. Sudatta Chakma, the son of Mr. Badhi Chakma of Balukhali; iv) Mr. Shanti Kusum Chakma, the son of Mr. Manya Chakma of Balukhali; v) Mr. Paltumani Chakma.

21 March 1999

A jhum (swidden) cultivator, Mr. Dhanendra Tripura, the son of Mr. Falleng Tripura of Barapara, Bhaibon Chara, Khagrachari was returning home from his jhum land which was far away from the local army camp. At that time, a group of the Bangladesh Army men led by Nayek Subedar Mataleb falsely blamed him for burning a jhum land near the army camp, took him to the army camp, and severely beat him up in the presence of Col. Mahbub, the commander of the Khagrachari Military Zone.

16 March 1999

A member of the JSS, Mr. Labbe Uchai of Thanchi in Bandarban, was going by a jeep from Boli Bazar to Bandarban town. At Hafezghona checkpost, the Police checked all passengers and their bags and found a country made gun in a bag which did not belong to him. Yet the Police arrested him under the charge of possessing a gun and imprisoned him without trial.

9 July 1998

Major Mustafiz, the commander of Ghilachari army camp, ordered Mr. Alo Bikash Chakma, the Chairman of Ghilachari Union Council, Naniachar to take his brother Mr. Priya Darshi Chakma a JSS member, to the camp. He also threatened him with dire consequences if he failed to produce his brother before him. The commander accused Mr. Priya Darshi Chakma of monitoring the activities of the Muslim settlers and passing the information to the JSS, so he wanted to arrest and imprison Mr. P.D. Chakma. After the Peace Accord, the JSS have been recognised by the Bangladesh Government as a political party and naturally Mr. P.D. Chakma have the right to work freely for the JSS. The chairman and his brother are hiding as they fear for their safety.

22 June 1998

A taxi driver with the Muslim passengers were attacked by some unknown miscreants at Swanirbhar near Khagrachari Town. Yet, the Police arrested only the Jummas mostly boys including one mentally retarded boy named Bara Peta Chakma (14), the son of Mr. Prabin Chandra Chakma of Perachara, Khagrachari. The Police serverly beat those innocent Jummas up to coerce them into confession. As a result, Bara Peta Chakma was so seriously injured all over his head that he had to be hospitalised at Khagrachari. The other injured victims were sent to Khagrachari Jail for further torture and interrogation. Despite severe torture, they denied having done anything wrong. Having failed to coerce them into confession, the Police had to release the following on 24 June, 1998: i) Madhumay Chakma (16), ii) Kala Choga Chakma (15), and iii) Prabin Chakma (15). Another victim, Mr. Sona Moni Chakma (24), was released after about a month.

30 April 1998

A captain of Ghilachari army camp arrested Mr. Mintu Chakma, a member of the Hill Student Council (HSC) of Maischari, Naniachar, Rangamati for collecting donation for the HSC. Then, the HSC leaders i) Mr. Babul Kanti Chakma, ii) Mr. Mano Bikash Chakma, iii) Mr. Pragati Chakma, and iv) Mr. Tridip Chakma requested the Captain to set Mr. Mantu Chakma free on the legitimate grounds that like any student organisations in Bangladesh the HSC have the right to collect subscriptions and donations. But the army officer turned a deaf ear to the just argument and haughtily replied that he was the actual king in the area and that he came there to teach the Jumma People a lesson! After saying that, he severely beat them up and handed them over to the Police of Naniachar for their imprisonment. The Police took them to Naniachar Hospital for the treatment of their injuries. Then on 1 May 1998, the Police transferred them to Rangamati Prison.

21-24 March 1998

Mr. Shashi Mohan Chakma, the Chairman of the Chotomerung Union Council, Dighinala defeated the Muslim candiate in the Union Council election. The Bangladesh military conspired with the Muslim settlers to eliminate him. In accordance with their plan, the Muslim settlers falsely alleged that the Jummas stole eight cows and kidnapped 2 Muslim herdmem on 21 and 22 March 1998 respectively. Then, on 24 March 1998 they went to the home of Chairman Shashi Mohan Chakma, demanded him to return the missing cows and the herdmen, and threatened him with death if he failed to meet their demands. Having sensed the conspiracy against him, he immediately took the matter up with the Dighinala Police Station and district authorities, and sought Police protection. After thorough investigation, the Police and the district authorities, who were all Bangladeshi Muslims, could not find an evidence to implicate the innocent Jummas in the alleged case nor could they find any base of the allegation. In spite of that, the Muslims did not stop their threat. On the other hand, the Police and district authorities refused to take security measures for him. In these circumstances, this helpless Jumma Chairman fears for his life and he cannot return home. So, he has no other option but to take refuge at Dighinala Police Station.

18-21 March 1998

The Police arrested and imprisoned dozens of activists belonging to the Sanchay-Prashit group. For example, Sanchay Chakma and Dhrubajyoti Chakma, Tapash Dewan and Pradip Tripura, Ushakanta Chakma and Bakka Chakma were arrested on 18, 19 and 21 March 1998, respectively on fictitious charges and imprisoned in Khagrachari Jail.

10 May 1996

The members of the Bangladesh Army and Muslim settlers from the Machalong Army Camp area under the jurisdiction of Baghaichari Police Station (PS) attacked Bhuyachari Adam village in Kasalong Reserve Forest under the jurisdiction of Baghaichari P.S. within Rangamati District, rounded up the innocent Jumma villagers, harassed and interrogated them about the Shanti Bahini.

13 May 1996

The members of the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) and the Muslim settlers jointly launched a campaign in the entire area of Dhebachari in Sajek valley, opened fire without provocation, captured all those Jumma villagers who could not manage to flee in time, severely beat them up without any reasons, and then looted their homes.

13 May 1996

The soldiers of the Babuchara Army Headquarter arrested Mr. Chokya Chakma, a shopkeeper of Babuchara Bazaar, severely beat him up without any reason and then let him go.

11 May 1996

The Adjutant of the Babuchara Military Zone arrested three Jumma students for collecting donation at the local Babuchara Bazaar for the general meeting of the HSC and HPC of Dighinala area to be held on May 15, 1996. Then he took them to Dighinala Police Station. On the same day Mr. Birendra Lal Chakma (the Chairman of Babuchara Union Council) and Mr. Arun Kumar Chakma (a Member of Babuchara Union Council) met with the military commander for the release of the 3 students. However, the commander agreed to release them only on the condition that they would not collect donation for the HSC and HPC again. The student victims were i) Mr. Babul Chakma, ii) Mr. Tribhushan Chakma, and iii) Mr. Minoti Ranjan Chakma.

11 May 1996

The soldiers of the 32 EBR from Noyapara Army Camp in the Subalong area arrested five Jummas for being involved in the activities of the Hill Student Council (HSC) and the Hill People Council (HPC) and detained them without charge and trial. The victims were i) Mr. Keton Chakma (25), ii) Mr. Lalan Chandra Chakma (23), iii) Mr. Nikko Chakma, iv) Mr. Jnana Jyoti Chakma (26) and v) Mr. Dhanudhwaj Chakma.

10 May 1996

The Bangladesh Army personnel from the Machalong Army Camp and the Muslim settlers of Baghaichari area attacked Bhuyachari village in Kasalong Reserve Forest, rounded up the innocent Jumma villagers, interrogated them about the Shanti Bahini, and harassed them during the interrogation.

27 April 1996

Mohammad Karim, a Muslim rickshaw puller, mistreated three Jummas at Babuchara village. Naturally, they protested at his arrogant behaviour. Then, the Muslim rickshaw puller complained to the Babuchara Army Headquarters that those 3 Jummas had insulted him. To argue with any Muslim settler however wrong he/she might be is a serious offence. So, Havildar Rahmat arrested those 3 Jummas and took them to Dighinala Police Station for their imprisonment on the same night. The innocent Jummas were i) Mr. Milton Chakma, ii) Mr. Sharadindu Chakma and iii) Mr. Ananda Bilash Chakma. However the Police set Mr. Milton Chakma free but falsely implicated the other two Jummas with the Shanti Bahini and sent them to Khagrachari Jail. Later they were released on bail on written condition.

13 April 1996

The Bangladesh Army men of the 51 EBR from Kaindya Army Camp in Rangamati region arrested two JSS tax collectors Reinkhong area within Rangamati and detained them without charge or trial. The victims are i) Mr. Bibhuti Dewan (Miton), the son of Mr. Jotil Behari Dewan of Jaganatali ; and ii) Mr. Tarun Bikash Chakma (Ashanta), the son of Mr. Jatindra Lal Chakma of Manikjorchara.

30 March 1996

Like many Jummas, Mr. Cha Thowai Prue Marma, a member of the HPC, was going to Khagrachari Town to participate in the function arranged by the opposition parties to celebrate their victory over the Khaleda regime the BNP. Naturally, the BNP opposed the celebration which would highlight their humiliating defeat at the hands of the opposition parties. So, the Bangladesh army in collusion with the BNP arrested Mr. Marma and detained him without charge or trial.

19 March 1996

At about 9:30 P.M. Lt. Ferdous and his soldiers from Kojoichari Army Camp raided New Lalyaghona village in Baghaichari, rounded up the innocent Jumma villagers, beat them up severely, and burnt down 7 houses. The owners of those 7 houses were i) Mr. Joy Kumar Chakma, ii) Mr. Kasmir Chakma, iii).Mr. Kripa Mohan Karbari, iv) Mr. Nam Gopal Chakma, v) Mr. Ranga Choga Chakma, vi) Mr. Santanamoy Chakma, and vii) Mr. Daadi Ram Chakma. Among the severely beaten victims were i) Mr. Junu Datta Chakma (18), ii) Mr. Bijoy Datta Chakma (27), iii) Mr. Shankar Chakma (35), iv) Mr. Shyamal Mitra Chakma (22), v) Mr. Alomoy Chakma (23), vi) Mr. Subhashis Chakma (18), vii) Mr. Nibashis Chakma (18), viii) Mr. Ram Chandra Chakma (18), ix) Mr. Chijimuni Chakma (19) and x) Mr. Kanan Chakma.

18 March 1996

The soldiers of the Kaindya Army Camp led by Capt. Abdul Shefa of the 51 East Bengal Regiment went to Kaindya Dozari Para village of Rangamati district, arrested two innocent Jummas on mere suspicion of having link with the Shanti Bahini and beat them up severely in order to coerce them to confession. The victims were - i) Mr. Chitta Ranjan Chakma and ii) Mr. Bira Sen Chakma (25).

6 March 1996

The Bangladesh Army personnel arrested two JSS tax collectors i) Mr. Pradip Chakma and ii) Mr. Ratan Chakma at Chidojyachara in Kabakhali, Dighinala. The tax collectors were totally unarmed and their tax collection did not breach the ceasefire agreement. Despite that, the Bangladesh Army detained and tortured them. They arrested another innocent Jumma, took him to the local camp, then released him after severely beating him.

2 March 1996

The BDR personnel of Bara Modhuk Camp launched a combing operation in Mongkyaching Para village and in the adjacent areas in Bara Modhuk region under the jurisdiction of Thanchi within Bandarban District, set all the huts on fire, arrested 3 Jummas without any reasons, took them to the camp and subjected them to severe interrogation and torture.

28 February 1996

The BDR men from Bara Modhuk Camp under the jurisdiction of Thanchi within Bandarban District launched a campaign in Basia Para village under the jurisdiction of Thanchi to capture the Shanti Bahini personnel and locate their camps. But they failed to trace the Shanti Bahini. Then the raiders beat up one innocent Jumma Mr. Aping Marma.

17 February 1996

The members of the BDR from Bara Modhuk Camp attacked Prafulla Karbari Cluster village near Bali Bazaar under the jurisdiction of Thanchi within Bandarban District, rounded up the innocent villagers and severely beat up 9 of them without any reasons. The victims were - i) Mr. Prafulla Karbari (52), the Village Head, ii) Mr. Ogaley Chakma (l7), iii) Mr. Brishaketu Chakma (20), iv) Mr. Niguchya Chakma (17), v) Mr. Manikya Chakma (35), vi) Mr. Buddha Jyoti Chakma (20), vii) Mr. Chikanya Chakma (35), viii) Mr. Bishnu Deb Chakma (40) and ix) Mr. Hangsa Chakma.

7 January 1996

The Dighinala Police arrested Mr. Kamal Bikash Chakma, the son of Mr. Binanda Chakma of Gulchari, Dighinala without any reason.

4 January 1996

The military and Police personnel arrested some innocent Jummas at Merung, Longadu. The following Jummas were among them: i) Mr. Kalachan Chakma of Battali, Marishya; ii) Mr. Swapan Jyoti Chakma of Uluchari; iii) Mr. Hojalya Chakma of Badalchari and iv) Mr. Nihar Bindu Chakma of Pablakhali.

26 December 1995

At night the PPSPC collaborators and the local Bangladesh army personnel surrounded the house of Mr. Niru Chakma (30), the son of Mr. Chandra Bahan Chakma, of Boalkhali under the jurisdiction of Dighinala with an aim to arrest him on the ground that he was a supporter of the JSS. Fortunately, he was not at home that night and thus he escaped from being kidnapped and imprisoned.

19-20 December 1995

At night the PPSPC collaborators and the Bangladesh army jointly abducted 13 Jummas from Kuradiya Chara and Latiban and then took them to Panchari Police Station. While the Police were taking them to the Khagrachari Prison the following day, hundreds of Jumma students and youths demonstrated and blocked the Panchari-Khagrachari Road in order to prevent the Police from taking their leaders to the Khagrachari Jail. Then, over 200 Police personnel from Khagrachari were rushed to Panchari to break the demonstration. As a resultl a clash between the Police and the Jumma students broke out in which many students and 3 to 4 Police men were injured. Needless to say, the 13 abducted Jumma students have been imprisoned without charge or trial since 20 December, 1995. They are i) Mr. Merin Tripura, ii) Mr. Shanti jiban Chakma, iii) Mr. Krishna Kanti Chakma, iv) Mr. Athui Marma, v) Mr. Daya Nanda Tripura, vi) Mr. Nihar Chakma, vii) Mr. Kachusacha Tripura, viii) Mr. Rupayan Tripura, ix) Mr. Chira jiban Tripura, x) Mr. Samar Kanti Tripura, xi) Mr. Lakshmi Moy Chakma, xii) Mr. Jnana Mukul Chakma, and xiii) Mr. Chayango Marma.

19 December 1995

The military men of Panchari Zone arrested many members of the HSC for demanding the immediate release of Mr. Dipankar Chakma, Mr. Bimbisar Khisa and other leaders of the HSC and HPC who were abducted and tortured by the PPSPC in collaboration with the Bangladesh military. The military handed over the Jummas to the Police, who detained them at Khagrachari jail without charge or trial. The victims were: i) Mr. Merin Tripura, ii) Mr. Shanti Jiban Chakma iii) Mr. Kusum Tripura iv) Mr. Dayananda Tripura v) Mr. Chira Jiban Tripura vi) Mr. Krishna Kanti Tripura, vii) Mr. Nihar Chakma, viii) Mr. Lakshmi Moy Chakma, ix) U Thowai Marma, x) Mr. Amar Kanti Tripura, xi) Mr. Gnana Mukul Chakma, xii) Mr. Rupayan Tripura, and xiii) Mr. Kasusacha Tripura.

12 December 1995

The military personnel of Guimara Camp under the control of Matiranga Military Zone arrested Mr. Anil Chakma, the President of the Hill Student Council (HSC) of Guimara Branch, and ii) Mr. Aungya Marma, the President of the Hill People Council (HPC) of the same branch and took them to the Khagrachari Brigade Headquarters where they were detained without charge or trial.

11 December 1995

A Lieutenant and 27 soldiers of the Bangladesh Army from Kachchaptali Army Camp attacked Thwaising Mong Karbari Para of Bandarban. They rounded up the Jumma villagers, interrogated and harassed them, ransacked their homes, and compelled the Karbari (the village chief) to sign a document stating that they had done no harm to the Jumma villagers during the hunt for the Shanti Bahini.

7 December 1995

The army personnel picked up Mr. Anil Bikash Chakma, the HSC's president and Mr. Aungya Marma, the HPC's president of the Guimara Branch, from their homes by telling them that the local army commander had invited them to a meeting for urgent consultation. After arriving at the army camp, they were arrested and handed over to the Police, who detained them in prison without charge or trial.

2 December 1995

The soldiers of the Bajyapara Army Camp, Matiranga tortured a Jumma at his home without any reason and took away all his landholding documents. The victim was Mr. Rabindra Tripura, the son of Mr. Nali Chandra Tripura of Bajyapara, Matiranga.

30 November 1995

The army troops from the Pilak Army Camp under the Matiranga Military Zone attacked a group of JSS tax collectors in the area but failed to apprehand them. During the attack, the JSS tax collectors lost their luggage and cash Taka 40,000. In retaliation for their failure to apprehand the JSS tax collectors, the troops arrested two innocent Jummas on suspicion of being involved in the tax collection. The victims were - i) Mr. Subodh Kumar Tripura (38) and ii) Mr. Ropin Tripura (22).

30 November 1995

The soldiers of the No. 2 Brigade at Matiranga, Khagrachari conducted a search and destroy campaign for Shanti Bahini in the areas of Rubber Bagan, Manchi Para, Rengkong Para and Bhakta Karbari Para of Guimara. They thoroughly searched the Jumma houses, interrogated and harassed the Jumma villagers. Needless to say, the soldiers failed to find Shanti Bahini.

18 November 1995

Leut. Sarowar, the commander of Khiram Army Camp and his military men of the 17 EBR under the control of the Ghagra Military Zone patrolled an area some 4 or 5 kms away from the camp. At that time, a boy named Bideshi Chakma (10), the son of Mr. Japani Chakma of Gangatyatali village of Kaokhali was going along with a relative to the home of another relative. Although he was innocent, the military commander detained him without any reason, tied his hands with a rope behind his back, and took him to the camp where he was beaten and tortured by forcing water through his nose in order to get information about the Shanti Bahini. The military tormentors also tried to arrest the boy's companion, who fortunately managed to run away.

17 November 1995

There was an argument between Mr. Repruchai Marma and Mohammad Jasim over timber business at Mahalchari bazaar. The local BNP leaders, Mohammad Babu (38) and Mohammad Ismile incited the Muslim settlers to stage a demonstration in retaliation for a Jumma daring to argue with a Muslim settler. While the demonstration was in progress, the Muslim settlers attacked and beat many Jummas in front of the Bangladesh Army, who watched the Jumma bashing as silent spectators. Among the innocent Jumma victims were: i) Mr. Priya Ranjan Chakma (39), the son of Mr. Kali Charan Chakma ii) Mr. Anutosh Chakma (25), the son of Mr. Mahendra Chakma of Betchari Mukhpara, Khagrachari.

16 November 1995

The military personnel of the Pilak Army Camp under Matiranga Military Zone opened fire upon a group of JSS tax collectors near Dataram Karbari Para, Ramgarh without any provocation from the latter. The JSS tax collectors managed to escape without being killed or arrested. However, one of them, Mr. Chimpru Marma sustained a bullet injury on his cheek. While withdrawing in hurry from the spot, they had to leave behind their belongings such as clothes, cash Taka 5,000 and a home made gun which they carried for self defence. Collection of taxes does not violate the ceasefire agreement as the subcommittee of the BarLgladesh Government Commission (BGC) approved it. Having failed to capture the JSS tax collectors, the military personnel raided Dataram Karbari Para, arrested Mr. Bhavani Tripura, the village head, took him to the camp and tortured him although he was not one of the tax collectors.

16 November 1995

Leut. Sazzad, the commander of the Shuknachari Army Camp, Subedar Soleman and a group of soldiers encircled the home of Mr. Nalindra Chakma (25), the son of Mr. Tanakka Chakma of Shuknachari village in Lakshmichari, Khagrachari. The army interrogated and harassed him and ransacked his home.

16 November 1995

The military personnel of Pilak Army Camp of Ramgarh opened fire on a group of the Shanti Bahini men in a forest adjacent to Dataram Para village without any provocation from the latter but failed to capture anyone. Then, to retaliate for their failure, the military personnel arrested an innocent Jumma, Mr. Bhabani Tripura, the leader of the said village. The army took him to Pilak Army Camp and severely beat him up.

14 November 1995

The army men of Tangdung Para Camp of the Matiranga Military Zone launched a campaign in Manchi Para village to flush out the Shanti Bahini men, interrogated the Jumma villagers and harassed them during the interrogation.

5 November 1995

The BDR personnel from the Saichal Jalim Para BDR Camp laid in wait at a road side in Barkal to capture a group of the Shanti Bahini personnel. At that time Mr. Tripura Kanti Chakma of Bamer Guichari village was passing through the same road. The BDR arrested him on suspicion of being a member of the Shanti Bahini, although he was unarmed and innocent civilian.

27 October 1995

The military personnel of the 2 East Bengal Regiment (EBR) of Guimara Military Zone raided Tabla Para and the adjacent areas to capture Shanti Bahini, but found no sign of the Shanti Bahini. Then, the raiders harassed the local Jummas and arrested some of them without any reasons. The victims were i) Mr. Duranta Lal Chakma; ii) Mr. Shashi Karbari and iii) Mr. Shibu Pal.

21 October 1995

At about 8 p.m, a group of military men raided the home of Mr. Peda Chakma (35), the son of Mr. Surjya Mohan Chakma, of Bara Tarung Mouza in Marachengi, Khagrachari to interrogate him. At that time he was away. Having failed to find him, the military harassed his family members and ransacked his home.

21 October 1995

The troops of several army camps of Bandarban Brigade conducted search operations in the villages of Chijipara, Noapatong, Latajhiri Para, Noa Para, Talukdar Para, Kaintamukh Para, Lapaimukh Para, Paglachara, Chingya Mukh Para, Bar Shila and so on of Rowangchari, Bandarban and but found no trace of the Shanti Bahini. Having failed to capture any Shanti Bahini member, the army rounded up many innocent Jummas, interrogated and harassed them.

5 October 1995

The soldiers of Shilchari and Farua Army Camps under the control of Kaptai Brigade attacked a Shanti Bahini camp in the deep forest of the Tarasa Union of Rowangchari, Bandarban although Shanti Bahini was observing ceasefire. However, the Shanti Bahini was tipped off by local Jummas and they managed to vacate their camp just before the attack took place. Having failed to find anyone in the camp, the army arrested two local Jummas on the mere suspicion that they were helping the Shanti Bahini. The victims were i) Mr. Suri Mohan Tongchongya and ii) Mr. Binidhan Tongchongya. The victims were detained and coerced into confession that they were the Shanti Bahini personnel.

20 September 1995

Some 60 military personnel from Marishya Military Zone attacked Chakata Chara village of Choto Hazachara Mouza, Dighinala, harassed the innocent Jumma villagers, searched their homes, stole valuable goods and forced them to sign statements that nothing was lost during the search. The military arrested an innocent Jumma on the mere suspicion of being a Shanti Bahini member and sent him to Khagrachari Prison for lengthy detention without charge or trial. Among the victims were: i) Mr. Pulit Kalin Chakma (60), ii) Mr. Taruni Mohan Chakma (40), a repatriated Jumma refugee, iii) Mr. Guri Marattua Chakma (40), iv) Mr. Pradip Kumar Chakma (27).

19 September 1995

The commander and the armymen of Anthahar Para Army Camp of the 26 Field Artillery Group under the 69 Infantry Brigade raided the Jumma villages in Bandarban District, rounded up the Jummas, interrogated, harassed and tortured them and threatened them with guns in order to coerce them to confess that they had contact with the Shanti Bahini. The victims were:

  1. Mr. Halasang Thui Marma (23), a teacher of Khaiya Marang Government Primary School
  2. Miss Yoi Yoi Ching Marma (23), a health worker
  3. Miss Nungo Ching Marma (15), a student of Class VI and the daughter of Mr. Re Aung Prue Marma
  4. Miss Thuime Marma, the daughter of late Ching Khoyai U Marma
  5. Mrs. Numra Ching Marma (22), the wife of Mr. Chi Aung Marma
  6. Mr. Chi Aung Marma (25)
  7. Mr. Redamong Marma (35), the son of Mr. Choila Aung Marma
  8. Mr. Nitya Lal Tongchangya (17), the son of Mr. Jamini Ranjan Tongchangya
  9. Mr. Kyaw Hlai Marma (65), the son of late Saprue Aung Marma.

9 September 1995

About 200 armed personnel from the Jurochari Military Zone and Jurochari Police Station combinedly launch a campaign to arrest the HSC activists, who were raising subscription at Jakhsma Bazaar to hold the annual conference of the Jurochari Branch. The military encircled the bazaar, arrested 7 HSC activists, took the HSC workers to the Jurochari Police Station and detained them without charge or trial. Among the victims were:

  1. Mr. Shankar Chakma (19), the son of Mr. Ashwini Kumar Chakma
  2. Mr. Asit Datta Chakma (21), the son of Mr. Tejendra Chakma
  3. Mr. Jnana Chakma (18), the son of Mr. Amalendu Chakma
  4. Mr. Uma Bikash Chakma (17), the son of Mr. Jamini Mohan Chakma
  5. Mr. Liten Dewan (20), the son of Mr. Prashanta Dewan
  6. Mr. Mahita Ranjan Chakma (19), the son of Mr. Teneya Chakma.

29 August 1995

A Major of the Lakshmichari Military Zone led his soldiers in a campaign against the Shanti Bahini in the nearby forest of Juro Mani Karbari Para, captured three Jumma wood cutters, interrogated and tortured them when they failed to give the military any information about the Shanti Bahini. The victims were

  1. Mr. Kalasya Chakma (22), the son of Mr. Bharatya Chakma,
  2. Mr. Nirod Kumar Chakma (19), the son of Mr. Juro Mani Chakma,
  3. Mr. Bangalya Chakma (65), the son of late Lal Shing Chakma of the said village of Lakshmichari within Khagrachari.

28 August 1995

Maj. Aziz and his armymen from the Dhulyatali Army Camp, Lakshmichari carried out a search operation at Dewan Para of Lakshmichari, Khagrachari, arrested two innocent Jumma herdmen while they were grazing their cattle in the field. The army interrogated them about the whereabouts of the Shanti Bahini, and poured water through their nostrils during interrogation. The two Jummas were

  1. Mr. Sadhan Moni Chakma (25), the son of Mr. Pettua Chakma
  2. Mr. Bijilya Chakma (18), the son of Mr. Anil Chakma.

19 August 1995

A Lieutenant and his soldiers from the Sindhukchari Military Zone raided at night the home of Mr. U Hla Chai Marma, of Toichangma, Ramgarh, interrogated him about the location of the Shanti Bahini, and brutally tortured him when he was unable to give any information.

23 May 1995

The army troops from the Naniachar Military Zone and the local Muslim settlers attacked the Shanti Bahini in the hilly areas of Dajya Para in Kengelchari, Naniachar. Having found no Shanti Bahini in the area, they harassed the innocent Jumma villagers, looted all valuable goods and set the houses on fire in order to clear the area of the Jumma people for establishing new Bangladesh Army and Muslim settler camps in the depopulated area.

4 May 1993

An army group from Babuchara Zone, led by Commander Akbar, raided the village of Baghaichari in Dighinala thana, Khagrachari District, and burnt down two houses of Jumma people and looted another house. It was learnt that on that day the army had come to the area to set up a permanent camp and then had an armed clash with the Shanti Bahini. One army person killed and two others were wounded.

11 August 1995

Bhuban Joy Chakma, Parancha Chakma, Sneha Kumar Chakma (aged 65) and Manu Ranjan Chakma of Suknachari village, Rangamati district were arrested and subjected to severe beatings by the members of the BDR, following a raid on their village.

18 November 1995

Bideshi Chakma, a 10-year-old boy from Gangatyatali village, Rangamati district, detained by the commander of Khiram army camp of the 17 EBR in the Ghagra military zone. He was beaten and had water forced through his nose, so that he would reveal the location of the camp of the Shanti Bahini.

15 March 1995

A number of Jumma people were beaten after security force personnel broke up a meeting of the Hill Student Council in Bandarban. Mucchang Prue Mama (female) was severely beaten by a team of 12 police officials in Bandarban town, including the subinspector of Bandarban police station, as a result of which she had to be hospitalized. Reverend Waizo Marma and Reverend Naendra, 2 Buddhist monks were also severely beaten by the Bangladesh Police.

6 December 1994

Puspa Chakma alias Hat Bhanga, of Suknachari village in Rangamati district, was arrested and severely beaten at the Tanhgum bazaar on by an officer of the 17 EBR, commander of the army camp at Tanhgum.

12 December 1994

Purna Bijoy Chakma, of Kojoichari village, was arrested and severely beaten by the members of the security forces from Marishya zone.

7 January 1993

Army troops of the 37th East Bengal Regiment, headed by Major Shafiq of Chalkapara army camp and captain Niyamal of Tejaripara army camp, rounded up Rattobapchara village of Dumdumya Union, Barkal, because villagers had avoided being moved into a cluster village. They were beaten, their houses burnt and they were forcibly taken to Chalkapara cluster village.

26 January 1993

A Bangladesh Army group headed by captain Salauddin of Jarulchhari army camp, Dighinala, raided the village of Rabindra Karbaripara, interrogated the villagers and searched their houses. Two villagers were arrested and tortured.

29 June 1992

The Shanti Bahini attacked a road protection post on the Mahalchari-Rangamati road. In the attack two members of the army killed. In retaliation the army, led by Captain Mahbub (8th Engg. Corps) from Naniarchar Zone Headquarters, raided the villages of Firingipara and Shankholapara of Naniarchar upazilla. Eighty Jumma people were arrested and taken to the jungle, 13 girls aged between 15 and 20 were gang-raped and 15 men were tortured.

22 December 1992

Eight Jummas of Keret Kata were severely beaten up and goods were looted by Captain Fakrul of 26th East Bengal Regiment, Laksmichari Zone.

8 July 1991

Monotosh Dewan, Manager, Accounting Department of Lever Brothers in Chittagong and Secretary (Finance) of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Hill People's Council (a body set up to encourage a political solution), was arrested from his home by the army men in civilian clothes. He was accused of being a member of the Shanti Bahini and of being involved in the murder of Major Pure, a former member of the Shanti Bahini who had surrendered. Mr. Dewan was kept in Chittagong Cantonment for eleven days and severely tortured by being hung from his waist by a rope for 3 days, by beatings to his sexual organs, by electric shocks to his mouth and by staples put through his fingers. He was repeatedly asked why he had been in touch with foreign journalists. The "foreign journalists" meant "members of the CHT Commission". However, none of the Commission members had ever been in contact with Mr. Monotosh Dewan. His wife was warned by the military not to say anything about his arrest or treatment.

9 April 1979

Seventy Jumma people were arrested by the army in Rangamati, including many civilian leaders and Kalpa Ranjan Chakma, a prominent member of the Awami League Party; they were only released after a long period of detention and many of them had been beaten while in custody.

24 December 1977

The army led raids on several villages north of Rangamati; many people were arrested and detained without trial or access to legal representation.


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