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Even though democracy has been restored to the country, the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) remains under military control. Outside democratic control the military continues with its disinformation campaign, aimed at creating confusion and disorder and dividing the Jumma people. With the help of the army many organisations had been set up to counter the Jumma people's movement. The Bangladesh army, as well as certain sections of the civil administration play an active, if shadowy, role in these organisations. In September 1995 the Khagrachari based Pahari Chattro Parishad, Pahari Gono Parishader Santras Protirodh Committee (PPSPC, Terrorism Resistance Committee) was set up; both the Bangladeshis and the Jumma people are involved in it. Its main aim is to sabotage the Jumma peoples' Pahari Chattro Parishad (PCP or Hill Students' Council) and Pahari Gono Parishad (PGP or Hill Peoples' Council). To create even more confusion these military backed organisations invariably choose names that resemble the names of Jumma peoples' organisations. The Hill Watch Human Rights Forum (HWHRF), a human rights organisation of Jumma people, has brought out a report on the PPSPC which gives a list of kidnappings, attempted kidnappings and other activities. The PPSPC also organised several demonstrations both in Dhaka and in the CHT. According to the HWHRF landless and poor Jummas were given false promises of financial assistance and were forced to participate in the demonstrations. The military backed PPSPC president Alok Chakma is allegedly accused of various criminal offences. Other Jumma sources reported that on 7 March 1996 PPSPC activists, popularly called the 'masked force' attacked the house of a Hill Peoples' Council leader. When hundreds of villagers came out to resist the attack, the police joined the masked gang and attacked the crowd. One Amar Bikash Chakma was killed and his dead body was not returned to his family for cremation.

The people of Khagrachari, including respected Jummas and Bangladeshi leaders have approached the Deputy Commissioner many times to take legal action against the armed gang, but the DC reportedly expressed his inability to take action because the gang received the backing of higher authorities in Dhaka.

In 1996 the Organising Committee CHT Campaign received a publication 'Atrocious Activities of PCP' by the Parbatya Gono Parishad (Council of Hill People- CHP), the military-backed organisation of the Bangladeshi settlers that was responsible for the Naniarchar massacre in November 1993. In the publication, 38 so-called human rights violations perpetrated by the Hill Students Council (or Pahari Chattro Parishad - PCP) between January 1994 and March 1996 were listed. The Organising Committee CHT Campaign gave a copy of the publication to the PCP (Hill Students' Council) and asked them for their reaction. In reply the HSC circulated 'A Thousand Lies Cannot Substitute a Truth. In Reply To The Malicious Propaganda By Council Of Hill People' in which the allegations by the Council of Hill People were refuted. According to the Hill Students Councils most of the incidents concerned false allegations, were distorted and/or fabricated.


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