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The Bangladesh Army formed various hit squads to crush the Jana Jamhati Samiti (JSS), Hill Student Council (HSC), Hill People Council (HPC) and Hill Women Federation (HWF) who are continuing their campaigns for autonomy. One of the hit squads is the Pahari Chatra Parishad ebang Pahari Gana Parishad-er Santras Pratirodh Committee (PPSPC). It was formed on 26 September, 1991, and its members are recruited from the confused and misguided section of the Jumma youths and students who were paid highly and offered job opportunities by the Bangladesh Government and the Bangladesh Army as rewards for committing dirty crimes against the patriotic forces of the Jumma nation. The primary function of this hit squad are
  1. To disrupt the Jumma demonstrations and meetings by attacking the protesters
  2. To kidnap and arrest the leaders and members of the JSS (or SB), the HSC, the HPC and the HWF
  3. To raid their houses at night in order to harass and beat them, loot their valuable things and burn their houses
  4. To organise demonstrations against the JSS, HSC, HPC and HWF.

6 February 1996

Mr. Shashi Kanti Talukdar, a member of the former dissident group of the JSS (or SB) who most disgracefully surrendered to the Bangladesh Army, inaugurated the Headquarters of the PPSPC in Khagrachari.

6-8 February 1996

The HSC, the HPC, the HWF and the local Jumma leaders such as Mr. Hangsadhwaj Chakma Mr. Ananta Bihari Khisa, Mr. Mong Ylong Ching Marma, Mr. Sudhangshu Shekhar Chakma, and so forth planned to hold a meeting in Khagrachari Town on 7 February 1996 to protest the terroristic activities of the PPSPC. To foil the said meeting, the PPSPC attacked the workers and supporters of the HSC, HPC and HWF on February 6, 1996, without any provocations from the latter, beat them up and threatened them with guns and dire consequences if they held the proposed meeting. Then, the PPSPC called a public meeting on 7 February 1996 at the same venue with a view to force the HSC, HPC and HWF to abandon the planned meeting. In order to avoid the clash and violence, the peace loving and democratic Jummas decided to hold the meeting on February 9 1996. Fortunately, on 6 February 1996, the members of the HSC, HPC and HWF saw two members of the PPSPC getting off a bus (which came from Chittagong Town) just outside Khagrachari Town and carrying a big and heavy bag each. Suspecting the PPSPC members bringing lethal weapons from Chittagong, they asked the PPSPC men to show them the contents of the huge bags. On opening the bags, they found the bags full of long knives and hockey sticks. The two PPSPC personnel also revealed that Mr. Kujendra Lal Tripura, a member of the Khagrachari Hill District Council, had helped them procure the weapons and that those weapons were to be used against the HSC, HPC and HWF members on February 7 1996. Needless to say, the Bangladesh Amy had directed the puppet Hill District Council to support the PPSPC and other secret hit squads. Again on 8 February 1996, the PPSPC men armed with revolvers, pistols, knives and hockey sticks made unprovoked attacks on the HSC and HPC activists in a desperate attempt to prevent the protest meeting scheduled for February 9 1996. As a result, several HSC and HPC activists were seriously injured.

17 January 1996

The PPSPC collaborators staged a demonstration in Dhaka against the Jumma Autonomy Movement. They carried anti JSS, HSC and HPC placards, shouted anti Jumma slogans and demanded high handed suppression of JSS, HSC and HPC. They submitted memoranda to Bequm Khaleda Zia, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, and Mrs. Sheikh Hasina Wazed, the leader of opposition Awami League. Needless to say, the Bangladesh Army funded the demonstration and the state controlled electronic and print media gave wide coverage to it.

9 January 1996

The PPSPC collaborators attacked the leaders of the HSC at the residence of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Khagrachari while the HSC Leaders were meeting with DC in the presence of the Superintendent of Police (SP), the Additional District Magistrate and other top district officers and injured the HSC Leaders particularly Mr. Jhinu Roy Tripura, the son of Mr. Mano Ranjan Tripura of Pobangpara, Dighinala.

30 December 1995

The Parbattya Chattagram Jatiyo Shanti and Samannoy Parishad (CHT Peace and Coordination Council), a puppet organisation of the Bangladesh Army, with Mohammad Saiful Islam Dildar as the Convenor and Mr. Subinoy Chakma as the Secretary General, arranged a conference on the situation in the CHT at Khagrachari Pourasabha Hall. Mr. Samiran Dewan, the Chairman of Khagrachari District Council, was the chief guest. Among other guests were i) Mohammad Sanaullah Noori, the Editor of the Dainik Dinkal, and ii) Mohammad Abdur Razzak, the President of the Bangladesh Manabadhikar Commission (Bangladesh Human Rights Commission). In the conference, the leaders of the said organisation bitterly criticised the activities of the JSS, the HPC and the HSC.

18 December 1995

The PPSPC collaborators abducted Mr. Bimbisar Chakma, a member of the HPC, subjected him to routine torture and harassment. They also looted and destroyed a Jumma library, "Huang Boi-O-Ba" in Khagrachari town.

15 December 1995

The PPSPC collaborators kidnapped Mr. Ripan Chakma, the HSC's president of the Dighinala Branch, and Mr. Upagupta Chakma, the Finance Secretary of the Dighinala Branch of the HSC, took them to Dighinala Rest House and brutally tortured them.

7 December 1995

The PPSPC collaborators abused Miss Niranjana Chakma, the daughter of Mr. Mano Ranjan Chakma of Perachara, Khagrachari with indecent language at Khagrachari Bazaar and snatched some important documents from her.

4 December 1995

The PPSPC collaborators detained Mr. Dipankar Chakma, the Secretary of Publicity of HSC (Khagrachari branch), from Khagrachari Bazaar in broad daylight, and tortured him till he was grievously injured.

26 November 1995

At about 10 a.m, the PPSPC collaborators forcibly detained an innocent Jumma student, Mr. Choto Muni Chakma of Uttar Khabangparia, Khagrachari and compelled him at gunpoint to confess in front of a taperecorder in order to implicate him with concocted charges.

25 November 1995

The PPSPC collaborators captured Mr. Amrita Lal Chakma, the son of Mr. Dina Mohan Chakma of Pashchim Narankhia village, Khagrachari at "Boi Bitan", a bookshop in Khagrachari Town. They took him to the "Jumma Student Hostel", brutally tortured and forced him to sign a document without knowing the contents of it. The wounded victim was released at about 1:30 p.m.

21 November 1995

The PPSPC collaborators encircled the home of Mr. Shubra Jyoti Chakma, at Narankhia village of Khagrachari at about 10 p.m. in order to kidnap him. Luckily, he was not at home at that time. Then the PPSPC collaborators harassed his father, threatened him with revolvers and hockey sticks, ransacked all household materials and ordered him to send his son to the "Jumma Student Hostel", popularly known as Torture Centre, in Khagrachari.

12 November 1995

The PPSPC collaborators forcibly occupied the Jumma Student Hostel of Khagrachari Government High School and expelled the Jumma students despite the vehement protest by the Headmaster. Then the Headmaster appealed to the DC to take actions against the PPSPC collaborators. Needless to say, the DC did not intervene in the illegal activities of the PPSPC.

6 November 1995

Some members of the PPSPC collaborators attempted to kidnap Mr. Kalpa Ranjan Tripura, the son of Mr. Nitendra Lal Tripura of Surendra Master Para in Jurmarang and Mr. Akhil Kumar Tripura a member of Bhaibonchara Union Council, of Roaza Para village in Jurmarang and his infant son at Chengi Square Bus Stand in Panchari while they were waiting for bus. However, the PPSPC collaborators could not get hold of Mr. Kalpa Ranjan Tripura as he managed to flee the bus stand. But Mr. Akhil Kumar Tripura could not flee because he was carrying his infant son. Then the PPSPC collaborators took him and his infant son to the eastern side of the Deputy Commissioner's (DC) office of Khagrachari District, and beat Mr. Akhil Kumar Tripura without any reasons till he was bleeding
and injured indicating that the culprits carried out the crime at the behest of the Bangladesh army and the DC.

5 November 1995

The PPSPC collaborators, under the instructions of the Bangladesh army, attacked Mr. Pradip Tripura, a student and a member of the Hill Student Council at a bookshop "Boi Bitan" in Khagrachari Town and harassed him without any provocations.

10 August 1995

Under the instruction of the Bangladesh Army, Mr. Samiran Dewan inaugurated the Hill Cultural Council at Panchari. The working committee of the council consists of 11 members led by Mr. Khageshwar Tripura, a well known yes man of the Bangladesh Army. This council would harbour and help the members of the "Tiger Force", a murder squad of the Bangladesh Government.


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