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My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
Great poetry and beautiful place
Greatest chat place of all
One of the best sites about Iceland
This place is adventure
ICELAND - land of fire and ice

This page is no longer under construction, Iīve decided to let it be like that.

I am an Icelandic female, married and I have two kids. I donīt work with disabled people anymore. Now Iīve gone back to school and Iīm studying computer systems engineering. I work at a genetics research company in the IT service department. I really do like the internet and computers. I also love some poetry and you can find links to such pages here.

Donīt say anything unless itīs better than the silence it breaks.

The new grandchild
Grandchild again

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Vefkort / Sitemap

just me the family work and work related
poems and more computers are fun gadgets depression
animated gifs and more all Icelandic about words and more music

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