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Would you believe it, Get Smart is the only show airing on any network anywhere in the world for the rest of time, would you believe it - anywhere, ever? Would you believe it's the only show airing on any cable station for a month? How about TV Land for a weekend?

That's right Chief, TV Land has selected the best episodes of Get Smart to air all weekend long. That's 47 hours of classic comic genius. Why not 48 hours? Well, daylight savings time begins this weekend, October 2003. Sorry about that Chief. So, don't miss it - you don't want to end up Monday saying, "Missed it by that much!"

6:00 AM 004 - "School Days" Smart Enrolls in CONTROL'S espionage training schools as Alexander Loomis to learn the identity Of a KAOS infiltrator. He makes contact with Agent 99, who has been planted in The school's processing department to help him crack The case. 
6:30 AM 005 - "Diplomat's Daughter" Smart must guard a visiting Scandinavian princess when a number of women - all blondes - disappear in a rash of mysterious kidnappings in Washington, D.C, Smart and Agent 99 are ordered to investigate the activities of the Chinese arm of KAOS, headed by the Claw who may be behind the kidnappings. Smart must also protect Princess Ingred who prefers the carefree to the cautious life.  
7:00 AM 007 - "Washington 4 - Indians 3" Smart calls a maximum alert when the American Indians threaten war unless they get their country back. Smart and 99 are assigned to learn what they can of Indian war plans and their secret weapon.  
7:30 AM 008 - "Our Man in Leotards" A leaping thief steals Imnoblio, a new drug that causes momentary paralysis, from CONTROL. Smart, suspects Emilio Nahrana, renowned Latin American ballet dancer. Smart and 99 infiltrate Naharana's ballet troupe and learn of a plot to damage US relations with a Latin American country  
8:00 AM 009 - "The Day Smart Turned Chicken" A dying cowboy stumbles into Maxwell Smart's apartment with information about a plot on an ambassador's life. The Chief of CONTROL, starts doubting Smart's sanity, especially when he hurries to his apartment and finds no trace of a dying cowboy.  
8:30 AM 011 - "Too Many Chiefs" Smart must protect Tanya, a CONTROL witness against KAOS, from assassination. For the sake of safety, Tanya is ordered to stay at Smart's apartment. Sebastian, a KAOS master of disguises, impersonates the Chief to gain access to Smart's apartment.  
9:00 AM 012 - "My Nephew The Spy" Smart must keep his true occupation a secret from visiting relatives. Complications arise when Victor, a KAOS agent, tries to kill Smart just as Uncle Abner and Aunt Bertha arrive at the apartment.  
9:30 AM 015 - "Double Agent" Smart pretends to hit the skids to make KAOS believe that he can be bought. Smart's efforts to pose as a derelict are hampered by 99, who doesn't know he is a double agent. The Chief solves the immediate problem by slipping him some absorbo pills that absorb 40 times their weight in alcohol - but a hitch develops. 
10:00 AM 017 - "Kisses For Kaos" Smart sets out to stop KAOS agents from placing exploding oil paintings in foreign consulates. With Smart masquerading as a chauffeur, and 99 as a rich femme fatale, they attempt to trap Rex Savage, KAOS agent and art dealer. 99 turns on her feminine charm in a lovers' lane and at midnight dinner in Max's apartment to bait the trap.  
10:30 AM 018 - "The Dead Spy Crawls" With only a three-word clue scrawled in wet cement by a dying agent, Smart, aided by 99 and the Chief, determines an innocent billiard parlor may be a KAOS front for an electronic brain intercepting all CONTROL messages. The best billiard teacher in the world can't teach Max the game, but his life depends on his ability to beat a pool shark. Using a trick cue ball, Smart passes as the world's master while 99 searches for the computer. 
11:00 AM 019 - "Back To The Old Drawing Board" Dr. Shotwire has perfected a moon exploration vehicle wanted by KAOS. To kidnap the scientist and his vehicle, KAOS builds the world's most intelligent robot, a genius killer named Hymie that looks, thinks, and reacts like a normal man. Smart and 99 mistake the robot for a fellow agent and take him to a party to help protect the professor.  
11:30 AM 021 - "Smart, The Assassin" An attempt to assassinate CONTROL's Chief fails, and KAOS turns to the one man that the organization feels it can trust to do the job - Maxwell Smart. KAOS captures Max and gives him a diabolical brainwashing pill that forces him to carry out instructions with blind obedience. The weekly chess game between Max and the Chief at the Regency Club is selected for the attempt. Knowing Max always loses, KAOS implants the thought that when the Chief says "checkmate" Max will shoot. Despite the perfect plan, KAOS learns that Smart can be counted on to bumble anything, even being brainwashed.  
12:00 PM 024 - "Stakeout At Blue Mist Mountain" hen Smart discovers that 338 KAOS agents international slipped into the country, he quickly determines they aren't here for an international Ping-Pong match. Max stumbles into the enemy' mountain cabin posing as a KAOS agent and finds the foes attempting to set off an atomic bomb to destroy the East Coast. With the device almost ready to explode, the entire hopes of the free world depend on Smart's ability to dismantle the bomb with a dime - if he can find a dime.  
12:30 PM 026 - "Hubert's Unfinished Symphony" Smart and 99 must learn the identity of the new KAOS Mr. Big, so the world may finally hear a finished unfinished symphony. Hubert, a composer and undercover CONTROL agent, is found shot in a concert hall. The agents discover six notes of his unfinished symphony spell out the name of the concert hall owner, the new Mr. Big. Also finding the clue, Mr. Big locks the agents in a room with a floor set to explode if they move. Hubert's friend, concert pianist Wolenska, prepares to play the symphony on stage, not realizing that the crazed Mr. Big has rigged the piano to explode, destroying the evidence.  
1:00 PM 029 - "Shipment To Beirut" Fashion model Mildred Spencer telephones Smart that the supersonic plans are sewn into a dress. Smart spends a fortune of CONTROL'S money for the wrong dresses. The sinister KAOS agent and shop owner, Richelieu, sprays Miss Spencer to death with plastic cement and turns her into a mannequin. Agent 99 joins the case as an undercover model, only to be discovered and sprayed with the cement. Smart returns at night disguised as a mannequin to search for the plans and try to revive Agent 99.  
1:30 PM 030 - "The Last One In Is A Rotten Spy" Verna calls Smart and asks his help in escaping with a list of KAOS agents. As a cover during the swim meet, Max claims he is the American team trainer, Agent 99, the team chaperone, and the Control Chief an official. Max finds he can't pick Verna from Myrna, Vana, Rena and Nina. In trying to help the girl, he repeatedly falls into the water, shot at with a spear gun and accidently eats the list of KAOS agents.  
2:00 PM 033 - "Strike While The Agent Is Hot" While sparking the drive against funny mone for CONTROL, Max confuses Agent 99 and the Chief by becoming the head of the Guild of Surviving CONTROL Agents. He replaces the former guild head in response to the man's dying request, and confronts the Chief with a series of outlandish demands before agreeing to trace the counterfeit money. A note found on the dying agent leads, Max to a KAOS bookstore fronting for the funny money operations.  
2:30 PM 035 - "Anatomy Of A Lover" Rather than end the life of his closest friend, Hymie the Robot, Max spirits the robot to his apartment while he searches for the KAOS spy who has entered the ranks of CONTROL and reprogrammed the robot. While hidden in Max's apertment, Hymie meets the chief niece, Phoebe, and she falls in love with the mechanical man. With the help of Agent 99, they attempt to persuade Phoebe to forget the six-foot bundle of electronic wiring, while the two agents search for the KAOS infiltrator.  
3:00 PM 037 - "Casablanca" The chief sends Max to the North Woods to "rest" and Agent 99 undertakes to solve the mysterious strangulation's of 275 top scientists. Posing as a singer, she appears in Casablanca's Beat Parrot Cafe, watering hole of the world's most notorious double agents and reputed headquarters of the Choker. But Max sticks to the case like an old hunting dog and also goes to Casablanca, where the scenes are played out as in the original movie. Click here for larger print 
3:30 PM 038 - "The Greatest Spy On Earth" Smart and Agent 99 pose as repporters to interview Hond, the strong man; Gertrude-Gerals, the half-man, half woman; Raymond, the knife thrower; and Pepper Hanlon, the circus publicity man. The CONTROL agents are unmasked and the circus performers decide to send Max and "99" to their deaths in true circus style; Max will be shot from a gun as a human cannonball and Agent 99 fed to the lions.  
4:00 PM 039 - "Hoo Done It?" Smart and Agent 99 team up with their old friend Inspector Harry Hoo to solve a KAOS plot on a deserted Pacific Island in "Hoo Done It". Immediately their contact is murdered. Agent 99 swims for help, with a storm approaching, leaving Max and Hoo to investigate a group of sinister guests who bear more than just a casual resemblence to current TV heroes. One by one the suspects are murdered until only the baffled detectives are left.. An erupting volcano and vines that like humans for lunch add to their problems.  
4:30 PM 040 - "Rub-A-Dub-Dub...Three Spies In A Sub" Smart and Agent 99 are assigned a suicide mission to destroy a computer on a secret KAOS island directing a submarine in acts of piracy. They land on the island and are promptly captured throught Max'' bumbling leadership, while "99" engineers their escape. After they complete the mission, they mistakenly board a KAOS submarine, on which Max is scheduled to become the first human warhead for a torpedo to be used against attacking American destroyers.  
5:00 PM 041 - "The Decoy" KAOS breaks the CONTROL code, and the Chief volunteers Max as a decoy - a suicide mission. An interdepartmental fight in KAOS develops over the best means to extract the code from Max after his capture. A sexy KAOS agent has no luck and a drug is employed to relax him. An overdose sends him so far back in time he babbles childhood poems which KAOS mistakes for the code. When KAOS discovers he has actually regressed to a four-year old, and Agent X has arrived safely with the new code, they prepare to kill the CONTROL decoy.  
5:30 PM 045 - "Perils In A Pet Shop" The CONTROL agents suspect a pet shop operated by Melnik, "the Smiling KAOS Killer" as a front. Fang joins Max and Agent 99 as all three are promptly captured. Fang, as usual, is loyal to Max, but slow to move when he has a chance to save his master. The agents discover that KAOS coop a parrot with a repeating tape recorder. The bird then carries the stolen secret information to KAOS headquarters in Europe.  

Trivia answer: Maxwell Smart and 99 got married November 16, 1968 (what was the question?)

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