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Jonathan Ke Quan

Welcome to the Jonathan Ke Quan fansite (a.k.a. Ke Huy-Quan). This page celebrates the work of Jonathan Quan and was created in hopes of finding out about his more recent endeavors.

About Jonathan Graphic

Jonathan first charmed millions as the loveable "Short Round" in the motion picture Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. His next most famous work was as the character Data in the blockbuster hit Goonies. The following information was provided by the Internet Movie Database:


Real name: Ke Huy-Quan
Date of birth: August 20th, 1971
Place of birth: Vietnam

Acting Credits Include:

1. (1992) Encino Man ....................Kim
2. (1991) Breathing Fire ................Charlie Moore
3. (1990) TV: Head of the Class .........Jasper Kwong
4. (1986) TV: Together We Stand .........Sam
5. (1985) Goonies, The ..................Data
6. (1984) Indiana Jones .................Short Round

Faq Graphic

Question: Do you have any more pictures of Jonathan? 

Answer: I only have a couple of pictures here. Every now and again, I search the web for more recent pictures.

Question: What is Jonathan doing these days?            

Answer: I do not know for certain. A number of people have written me, but I have not been able to confirm these rumors. 

Question: What are some of the rumors? 

Answer: He is rumored to have a large fan base in Japan. One fan wrote he had a short-lived romance with an actress there. Another fan wrote that he is currently attending film school at USC. 

Question: What's the latest you've heard?

Answer: A fan wrote saying that Jonathan had recently graduated from USC after finishing the film studies graduate program.

Question: How do I contact Jonathan for autographs?

Answer: I'm sorry I don't know. If you learn how, let me know and I will post this info.

Question: How many people visit this fansite?

Answer: I receive anywhere between 2 and 20 e-mails a month from other fans wanting contact information, pictures, etc. I'm not sure how many people actually just take a quick look and leave though.

If you have more current information or pictures you would like to share, please e-mail me at:

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