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Ensoniq Mirage Techie Page

Picture of a DSK8
This page is pretty much obsolete now.
Instead, go to

This is a list of things collated to try and document the Ensoniq Mirage's hardware and software. Since Ensoniq won't release any information then it seems we're on our own.

This page looks a bit rough but it's just a stopgap measure. The proper one is under construction.

Downloads Reads and writes Mirage disks to a PC file Motorola freeware cross-assemblers - use as9.exe for 6809

Links to other sites
Mirage-net home page Johnny Klonaris' page - good place to start
Richard Wifall's page This is where MREAD and MWRITE came from

Text files about the Mirage
Mirage Disk Format by Gary Giebler
Western Digital 1772 floppy disk controller
Rockwell 6522 VIA chip - controls keypad etc me directly