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Christian Kids Korner

The Story of Jesus for Children is a 62-minute streaming video about Jesus told from a child's perspective.

Life Changers Special Radio Programme

Real Audio Stories from Old Testament

Download Free Real Player to Listen the Following Bible Stories

1. Birth of a World
2. The Snake
3. The Lamb
4. Murder in the Field
5. Boat on Dry Land
6. Last Chance
7 The Flood
8. Tower of Confusion
9. God of the Mountains
10. Up the Great River
11. The Land of Promise
12.Abram in Egype
13.The Mistake Lot Made
14. The Battle of Kings
15. The Smoking Furnace and the Burning Lamp
16. The Runaways
17. The Man Who Laughed
18. Three Strange Visitors
19. Angels at the Gate
20. The day the Fire Fell
21. The Boy Called Laughter
22. The Human Sacrifice
23. Rebekah
24. Lentil Stew
25. Jacob, the Con Artist
26. The Man at the Head of the Stairs
27. The Man Who Married the Wrong Woman
28. Family Trouble
29. The Escape
30. Midnight Fight With an Angel
31. Kidnapped
32. The Death of Rachel
33. Joseph Sold to Slave Traders
34. Caravan to Egypt
35. On the Slave Block in Egypt
36. Joseph in the Dungeon
37. When Dreams Come True
38. Chance for Revenge
39. When God Said No
40. The Stolen Silver Cup
41. Strange Reunion
42. Wagon Train to Egypt
43. A Baby and a Princess
44. Slave Boy in the Palace
45. Reluctant Prince
46. Palace Intrigue
47. Angel in the Palace
48. Exiled
49. Flight
50. Fire in the Desert
51. The Voice from the Fire
52. "Let My People Go"
53. The Plagues of Egypt
54. The Angel of Death
55. Trapped

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