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Download de 427 Jogos:     

Nome do Jogo: Lugar do Download: Tamanho:
3-D Ultra Pinball 2: Creep Night cindex.shtml 3.2M
3-D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent pb3demo.exe 9M
3-D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent pb3demo.exe 9.2M
3D Ultra Mini Golf Deluxe downloads.htm --
3D Ultra Mini Golf 3dmngolf.exe 8M
4th Generation 4gen.exe 3.8M
A-10 Cuba! a10demo.exe 8M
A-10 Cuba! Demo Page --
Aaron vs. Ruth: Battle of the Big Bats avrdemo.exe 5.7M
ABC's Monday Night Football '98 index.html --
Absolute Zero AZDEMO.EXE 8.3M
Abuse ABUSE200.ZIP 3.0M
Across the Rhine ATRVESA.ZIP 1.5M
Addiction Pinball addictiondemo.exe 10.3M
Ancient Conquest gamedev.html --
ADRENIX Demo 13.7M
Afterlife ADEMO.ZIP 10.4M
Age of Empires MSAoEDX.exe 30.5M
Age of Empires downloads.htm --
Age of Sail aos_demo.exe 6.1M
Alien Cabal --
Alone in the Dark: The Trilogy aloneinthedark.sit.hqx 7MB
Ancient Evil demo --
Andretti Racing index.html --
Archimedean Dynasty ADDEMO.EXE 8.9M 3Dfx
Ardennes Offensive, The taodemo.exe 5.9M
Armor Command acdown.html --
Arsenal arsen10s.exe 8.7M
Art of Flying, The 1.3M
Ascendancy ASCDEMO.ZIP 8.6M
Atomic Bomberman 9.2M
Atomic Bomberman --
AXIA axia.htm 2M
Azrael's Tear aztear.exe 5.3M
Baldies FTP 1 : BALDEM.ZIP --
Balls of Steel Version 1.1 14M
Balls of Steel Version 1.0 13.8M
Battlezone index.html --
Beast Wars: Transformers main.html 7.6M
Betrayal in Antara demo.html --
Big Red Racing 2822K
Blackthorne BTDEMO.ZIP 1131K
Blades of Exile winBOE.html --
Blades of Exile macBOE.html --
Blast Chamber Demo Page --
Blood demo8.html --
Blood Bath bbdemo.exe 4.1M
Blue Ice 4957K
Bluppo bluppo.exe 1M
BrainWave 2: Return of the Nanobots page2.html 912K
BrainWave: Battle for the Mind page2.html 1024K
Buccaneer bucdemo.exe 29.9M
Buccaneer buccaneer_demo.html --
Burnout: Championship Drag Racing download --
Byzantine: The Betrayal index.html 5.9M
Capture the Flag capture2.html 400K
Carmageddon demo.html 13.8M
Carmageddon 21.8M
Carmageddon 15M
Carmageddon Splat Pack 31M
CART Precision Racing MSCART.EXE 13.9M
CART Racing wicrdem.exe 6.44M
Chain Reaction chainr.exe 460K
Chaos Island index.htm 3.26M
Chasm The Rift demo5.html --
Chessmaster Live demo --
Close Combat CCTRIAL.EXE 7.0M
Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far MSABTFDX.EXE 22.2M
Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far download.htm 21.1M
Cobra Gunship download.html 6M
Comanche 3 Gold prd_cgld.html --
Command & Conquer 17.7M (part 2 of 2)
Command & Conquer 9.3M (part 1 of 2)
COMMANDOS: Behind Enemy Lines downloads.html --
Conquest Earth indexg.html 711K
Conquest of the New World CNWDEMOC.ZIP 27M
Conquest of the New World conquestdemo1.2(large).sit.hqx 38.5M
Crossworld XDEMO2.ZIP 0.8M
Curse of Monkey Island cursedemo.exe 18.9M
CyberGladiators cindex.shtml 1.6M
Cyborg: Hopy-ONE hopy-one.htm 1.2M
Dark Colony dcsmall.exe --
Dark Colony dcsmall.exe 11.2M
Dark Hour 1.4M
Deadlock II: Shrine Wars index.htm --
Deadly Rooms of Death droddemo.exe 822K
Deer Hunter dhdemo.htm 7.3M
Defiance defiance.html --
Demon Star indexnj.html --
Descent I descent.sit.hqx 6.8M
Descent I DESC14SW.ZIP 2890K
Descent II descent2preview.sit.hqx 10M
Descent to Undermountain DTUAVI.ZIP 8.7M
Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War fsdemo10.exe 28M
Destruction Derby 2 3182K
Destruction Derby 2 3.2M
DethKarz downloads.html --
Diablo DIABLO.EXE 10.9M
Die by the Sword 14.3M

Segunda Parte:  

Die by the Sword 27.4M
Die by the Sword demoindex.html 14.3M
Dilbert's Desktop Games index.html 3.36M
Disney's Hercules Action Game download.html --
Dominion domdem11.exe --
Dragons in the Mist dragdemo.exe --
Dungeon Master II DM2DEMO1.ZIP 3322k
Dynamite dynamite.htm 5.2M
Earth 2140 index.html 15.7M
EarthSiege II cindex.shtml 4M
Earthworm Jim Demo Page --
Ecstatica 2 (1 of 4) 2259K
Ecstatica 2 (2 of 4) 2705K
Ecstatica 2 (3 of 4) 2349K
Ecstatica 2 (4 of 4) 1723K
Ecstatica 2 9035K
Ecstatica 2 9.0M
Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, The FTP: DAGDEMO.ZIP 16.3M 16.3 16.3 Mb
Emperor of the Fading Suns EFS_VS10.ZIP 10M
Esoteria 11.6M
Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life downloads.html --
Excalibur 2555 AD 5.1M
Exile: Escape from the Pit WINEXILE.EXE 1.7M
Extreme Assault extreme2.exe 9M
F-22 Lightning II f22demo.exe 7.5M
F-22 Raptor index.htm --
Fallout: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Adventure 20M
Fallout: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Adventure demo.html 28M
Fantasy General FG_DEMO.ZIP 3.6M
FIFA: Road to the World Cup 98 demo.html --
Final Fantasy VII download.html --
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 demo.html --
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 fldemo.exe 7.8M
Flesh Feast index.htm --
Flight Unlimited flight.bin 9.7M
Flight Unlimited f95demo.exe 18M
Forbes Corporate Warrior corpdemo.exe 6.6M
Forced Alliance forcedal.html --
Formula 1 f1VoodooDemo.html --
Forsaken forsaken_int.pl4 --
Fragile Allegiance FADEMO3.ZIP 10M
Free Enterprise fedemo.exe 3.0M
Frogger FroggerDemo.exe 3.8M
Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro '98 bb98dms.exe 22M
Front Page Sports: Football Pro '97 fbdemo97.exe 17.04M
Front Page Sports: Golf golfdemo.exe 28.92M
Front Page Sports: Ski Racing skidemo.exe 9.16M
Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2 tb2win31.exe 7.52M
Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2 tb2win95.exe 7.46M
Front Page Sports: Trophy Rivers trdemo10.exe 12.31M
Full Tilt! Pinball TILT95.ZIP 3.2M
Full Tilt! Pinball TILT31.ZIP 1.5M
Fury3 FURY3X.ZIP 4.7M
G-Police demo.html --
Galapagos gal_demo.exe 8.1M
Games Magazine Presents: Word Puzzles (Volume 1) WRDPUZ.ZIP 1.4M
Gazillionaire GAZ.ZIP 4.5M
Genocide gdemo095.exe --
Golf Pro Featuring Gary Player, The download.htm --
Grand Prix Legends gpldemo.exe --
Grand Theft Auto index2.html --
Grimoire page7.htm --
Gunmetal demo.html 1.7M
H2O h2o.exe 822K
Half/Life demo --
Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks index.htm --
Hellbender hellbender --
Heroes of Might and Magic II h2demo.exe 27M
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars H2DEMO.EXE 26.7M
Hexen II h2demo.exe 11.6M
Hexplore index_us.htm --
Hoyle Blackjack index.htm --
Hoyle Classic Board Games index.htm --
Hoyle Classic Card Games index.htm --
Hoyle Poker index.htm --
Huygen’s Disclosure 10.3Mb, no sound
HyperBlade Demo Page --
iF-16 iF16dem.exe 12.7M
iF-16 if16dem.exe 13M
Ignition 7.4M
Imperialism index.html#sr 18.0M
Imperialism impdemo.exe 16M
Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures INDYPREV.ZIP 1.0M
Industry Giant Demos.html --
Inner Worlds innerw.exe 6.8M
Internet Chess ichess.exe 3.8M
Interpose interpos.exe 11M
Interstate '76 i76.exe 21M, Interstate 76 AVIs:
Interstate '76 Demo Page --
Interstate '76 Arsenal main.html --
Izyum izdemo.exe 2.3M
Jack Nicklaus 5 JN5DemoD.exe 28.8M
Jack Nicklaus 5 demos.htm 28M
Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure index.html 14M
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 downloads.htm --
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II JediDemo.exe 21.1M
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II default.htm --
JetFighter III JF3DEM.EXE 9.5M

Terceira Parte:  

Joint Strike Fighter jsfavi-demo.html --
Juggernaut Corps: First Assault jcorpsnodx.exe --
Juggernaut Corps: First Assault jcorpsmin.exe --
JumpStar page2.html 1191K
Kidnapped Princess, The princessframe.html 1.4M
KKND kkndsurv.exe 5.5M
KKND2: Krossfire downloads.html 10.5M
Knight Moves KMDEMO.ZIP 7.7M
Knight's Chase DEMOGB.AVI 0.7M
Knights and Merchants k_d_v073.exe 11.6M
Last Express, The 42.6M
Last Express, The 12.2M
LEDwars, The 7M
Legal Crime frame.html --
Legends '98 Football downloads.htm 18M
Legends Football '98 downloads.htm 17.7M
Leisure Suit Larry's Casino Demo --
Lemmings Paintball LPIDEMO.EXE 3.2M
Liberation Day Demo --
Lighthouse cindex.shtml 15M
Longbow 2 lb2demo.exe --
Lords of Magic lomdemo.exe 17.79M
Lords of the Realm II Siege Pack l2seigdm.exe 14875K
Lyriq Crosswords: The Player's Choice lyriq_7g.exe --
M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and Exploration MAXDEMO1.ZIP 15M
Machine Hunter download.htm --
Mageslayer MageDemo.exe 8.6M
Mageslayer download.html 8.6M
Magic: The Gathering MTGDEMO.EXE 14.3M
Mario Teaches Typing mariodemo.sit.hqx 2.2M
Mario Teaches Typing MARIODEM.ZIP 1105k
Mario's Game Gallery mariosgamegallery.sit.hqx 3.3M
Mars 2200 AD Mars2200.html --
MDK mdkzip.exe 7.9M
Meat Puppet 13.4M
Meat Puppet demo1.html --
MechWarrior 2 Demo Page --
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries Demo Page --
Men In Black demo.htm --
Meridian 59 m59trial.exe --
Microsoft Baseball 3D demo --
Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition demo --
Microsoft Golf 3.0 GLFTRIAL.EXE 8.0M
Microsoft Soccer SOCDEMO.EXE 5.0M
Mission Critical 3214K
Mixman Studio studem15.exe --
Monster Truck Madness MTMTRIAL.EXE 11.7M
Monster Truck Madness 2 Demo --
Montezuma's Return Demo --
Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail GRAIL.EXE 4.0M
Morecraft 1.1M
Mortal Kombat 3 6.2M
Motocross Madness downloads.htm --
Myth: The Fallen Lords demo.html --
Nascar 2 Fantasy Tracks 3M
NASCAR Racing 2 nas2demo.exe 7.25M
NBA Full Court Press FCPTRIAL.EXE 21.4M
NCAA Basketball Final Four 97 5.6M
NCAA Basketball Final Four 97 NCAADEMO.ZIP 11.9M
NCAA Football 98 demo.html 13.7M
Nebula Fighter --
NetMech Demo Page (DOS) --
NetStorm ns1051c.exe 9.7M
NetStorm nsmusic.exe 8.7M
Neverhood, The NEVDEMO_FULL.EXE 21.4M
New Beat Trancemission ntbmdemo.exe 5M
NFL Legends Football 98 legendsdemo.exe 18.6M
NHL Hockey 98 nhl98demo.exe --
NHL Hockey 98 pc_downloads.html 8.13M
Nuclear Strike demo13.html --
Out of this World ootwdemo.sit.hqx 1.1M
Out of this World OOTWDEMO.EXE 1390k
Outlaw Racers demo --
Outlaws outdemo_v2.exe 14.1M (Part 2 of 2)
Outlaws outdemo.exe 14M (Part 1 of 2)
Outpost 2: Divided Destiny op2demo.exe 9M
OutWars demo --
Over the Reich SOTRDEMO.ZIP 10.2M
Panzer Commander home.html 24M
Panzer General PGENDEMO.EXE 1.1M
Panzer General II index.html 6.5M
Panzer General II pg2demo.exe 41.1M
PGA Tour Pro index.html 12.5M
Pharaoh's Ascent PharaohS.exe --
Planet Blupi Pbulpi-e.exe 5.7M
Police Quest - SWAT 2 demo --
POSTAL demo10.html --
PowBall powball.exe 1M
Power Dolls PDDEMO.EXE 1.2M
Power Pete powerpetedemo.sit.hqx 2.8M
Prisoner of Ice TRAILER.AVI 4.7M
Privateer 2: The Darkening P2.ZIP 11.7M
Pro Pinball propinballdemo.sit.hqx 3.5M
Pyrosaurus pyro20.exe 1.2M
Quake demo --
Quake DLQUAKE 9.0M
Quake II demo17.html --
Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire Demo --
Quiver qp15demo.exe 1.4M

Quarta Parte  

Rayman Gold 5M
Real Golf Demo --
Realm, The demo --
Redline Racer redavi.avi --
RedJack: Revenge of the Brethren 5.6M
Redneck Rampage REDNECKD.ZIP 10M
Return Fire II returnfire2 --
Road Warrior RWSHARE.ZIP 7.0M
Rostov rosdemo.exe 2.1M
SandWarriors sandwar.html --
Sanitarium index2.html --
Save the Earth! cavern --
Scarab scarabdm.exe --
Scud: Industrial Evolution scudie.exe 15.6M
Sega Touring Car Championship Demo 12M
Semper Fi Demo --
Sesame Street: Toddlers Deluxe f_prod.html --
Settlers II Gold Edition, The S2GOLD.EXE 10.3 M
Settlers II, The settlersIIdemo.sea.hqx 8.3 8.3M
Seven Kingdoms demos.html --
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries demos.html --
Shadow Master demo.html --
Shadow Master 12.9M
Shadow Warrior demo6.html --
Shadows of the Empire shadowsdemo.exe 6.9M
Shannara 6224K
Shellshock 2M
Shipwreckers! 4.5M
Shipwreckers! index.html --
Sid Meier's Civilization II demo --
Sid Meier's Gettysburg smgdemo.exe 10.9M
Sid Meier's Gettysburg demo.htm --
Silent Hunter SHDEMO.EXE 4.6M
Silent Thunder: A-10 Tank Killer 2 cindex.shtml 3.7M
SimCopter simcopter.avi 2.9M
SimCopter simcopterdemo.exe 17M
SimGolf simgolf.avi 2.2M
SimGolf 17M
SimIsle simisle.avi 4.8M
SimPark simpark.avi 2.2M
SimTunes simtunes.avi 2.5M
Slam Dunk Typing f_prod.html --
Smart Games Challenge 1 SGC1DEMO.EXE 1.9M
SODA Off-Road Racing 18.72M
Soldiers at War saw320.avi 14M
Soultrap Soulv106.exe --
SpaceKids demo.exe 1.4M
Spec Ops: Rangers Lead The Way download.html 17M
Speedy Blupi speedy-e.exe 4.8M
Star Control II SC2_DEMO.ZIP 1.6M
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary TREKDEMO.EXE 1379k
Shadows of the Empire shadowsdemo.exe --
Starball SBDEMO.ZIP 0.9M
Stars! 1.4M
Stars! demo.htm 1.4M
Stars! Twinpack demo.htm --
Starsiege index.htm --
Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles SP2DEMO.EXE 13.3M
Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command sp3demo.exe 27.1M
Stonekeep SKNIDEMO.ZIP 210k
Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies stdownloads.html --
Strife STRIFE11.ZIP 4.7M
SU-27 Flanker SU27DOS.EXE 0.8M
SU-27 Flanker SU-27DMO.ZIP 2.3M
Sub Culture subculture.html --
Sub Culture subenglish.exe 9.9M
Super Stardust '96 SSD96.ZIP 3.3M
Super Street Fighter II Turbo SSF2TDEM.ZIP 3.1M
Surface Tension 16M
Swarm DownloadSwarmDemo.htm 6.4M
SWAT 2 demo --
Swiv swiv.html --
SWIV 3D swiv.html --
Take No Prisoners demo --
Task Force 1942 TFDEMO.ZIP 1.1M
Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri TN_SFC.EXE 8.0M
Terracide terracidedemo.html 11.3M
Test Drive 4 demo.htm 13M
Test Drive 4 TD4DEMO.EXE 13.1M
Test Drive 4 TD43DEMO.EXE 18.3M
Tom Clancy's Politika demo.html --
Tomb Raider TOMBDEMO.ZIP 2.1M
Tomb Raider (1 of 2) 2143K
Tomb Raider (2 of 2) 2044K
Tomb Raider II demopctr.html --
Tomb Raider II 3.4M
Tomb Raider Gold tombraider3dfx.html --
Total Annihilation demo.html --
Total Mayhem TMDEMO.ZIP 5.5M
Total Soccer 1.3M
Treasure Island SetupTi.exe 4.4M
Triazzle Living Puzzles TRIAZDEM.EXE 1.6M
Tronic tronic.exe 822K
TwinBlok twinblok.exe 646K
Twinsen's Odyssey 14.1M
Twinsen's Odyssey West Demo 14M
Twinsen's Odyssey East Demo 14M
Ultimate Race Pro index.html --
Ultragammon PLUS Version 2.0. ultra97.exe --
Unreal download.html 11M


Quinta Parte  

Uprising Uprising3DFXDemo.exe 19.9M 3Dfx
Uprising 21.8M
Uprising downloads2.htm 20.8M
Virtua Fighter 2 vf2demo.exe 16.5M
Virtual Carts VKDEMOJ.ZIP 6.5M
Virtual Fighter 2 vf2_demo.exe 16M
Virtual Pool VP95DEMO.ZIP 1.4M
Virtual Pool virtualpool.sit.hqx 1.4M
Virtual Pool 2.0 demo 2.9M
Virtual Snooker VSNOOKER.ZIP 846k
Virtual Surgeon: Open Heart index.htm 2.7M
Walt Disney World Explorer download.html --
War Wind WARWIND.AVI 25.0M
WarWind II: Human Onslaught warwind2_demo.html --
War, Inc. wardemo.exe 11M
WarBreeds demo.html --
WarCraft: Orcs & Humans WAR1DEMO.ZIP 1.4M
Warheads WAR99G.ZIP --
Warlords III: Reign of Heroes warlords3 12.3M
WarTorn download.html --
Wing Commander: Prophecy demo --
Wing Commander: Prophecy demowc.exe 39.1M
Winter Race 3D FTP: WR3D.ZIP 7M
World Cup 98 demo.shtml --
Worldwide Soccer 01560.html 10M
Worldwide Soccer 98 wws_demo.exe 10.4M
Worms WDEMO.ZIP 1.6M
Worms 2 6.6M
X-COM: Terror from the Deep TERROR.ZIP 1.0M
X-COM: Interceptor download.html --
X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse: A Quake Total Conversion demo.htm --
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter xvtframes2.htm 6.1M
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power xvtframes2.htm --
XCar: Experimental Racing 10M
XCar: Experimental Racing 7.5M 3Dfx
Yendorian Tales: Chapter 2 yendor2.exe 2M
Yendorian Tales: Chapter 3 TYRANTS OF THAINE yendor3.exe 2M
Yoda Stories yodademo.exe 3.2M
You Don't Know Jack! YDKJDEMO.ZIP 7.5M
You Don't Know Jack! WIN31 7.4M
Youngblood download.html 10.5M

Emuladores e Rons


Mega Drive/Genesis



____________Nome ________Versão__________Operado Modo______Tamanho _________Som

__Genem__ ___Emulador v.0.19a__ ___Modo MS-DOS__ ___474 KByets__ ___Com Som__
__KGen ___Emulador v.0.34b ___Modo MS-DOS ___270 KByets ___Com Som




___________Nome _Tamanho Operado Modo __Categoria
AddamsFamily 246 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
A_World 508 KByets __MS-DOS ???
Afterburner 246 KByets __MS-DOS Simulador
Alladin 246 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
AlienIII 313 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
Aleste 399 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
AlexKidd - In The Enchanted Castle 160 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
AlienSoldier 1116 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
Artof Fighting 956 KByets __MS-DOS Luta
BattleTech 860 KByets __MS-DOS Ação/Estratégia
Bartvs Space Mutants 205 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Batmanand Robin 1175 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
Battletoads 353 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
Barney'sHide & Seek Game. 353 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
Castlevania(BloodLines) 353 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Castlevania- The New Generation 398 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Castleof Illusion (Mickey) 692 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Chakan 406 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Columns3 663 KByets __MS-DOS Tetrix
ComixZone 1600 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
Contra 1600 KByets __MS-DOS Ação/Tiro
Contra4 (JAPANESE) 1373 KByets __MS-DOS Ação/Tiro
ContraHard Corps. 1373 KByets __MS-DOS Ação/ Tiro
Decapattack 1373 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Doc.Robotnic Mean Bean Machine 263 KByets __MS-DOS Tetris
DoomTroopers 1600 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
DoubleDragon 1294 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
DragonBall Z 249 KByets __MS-DOS RPG
Dune2 263 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
ECCO-The Dolphin 263 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
ECCO-The Dolphin 2 1905 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
EarthWormJim 1905 KByets __MS-DOS Luta
EthernalChampions 1905 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Fantasia 1905 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
FatalFury II 302 KByets __MS-DOS Batalha Espacial
Flashback 302 KByets __MS-DOS Estratégia
ForgottenWorlds 971 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Gaiares 386 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
GaingGround 587 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Ghostbusters 374 KByets __MS-DOS Ação/Aventura
GoldenAxe 370 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
GoldenAxe II 351 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
GreenDog 329 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
GunstarHeroes 313 KByets __MS-DOS Ação/Aventura
Immortal 689 KByets __MS-DOS RPG/Ação
KidChameleon 778 KByets __MS-DOS Aventura
Madden97 734 KByets __MS-DOS Esporte
MarbleMadness 1108 KByets __MS-DOS Ação
MasterBlaster 2 1108 KByets __MS-DOS Esporte

OBS: Ai Galera nessa Seção de Roms de Mega não Estão todos os Roms que eu encontrei só alguns, mais a nossa HOME PAGE vai ser atualizada mensalmente.


Super Nintendo


___Nome___ ___Versão___ ___Operado Modo___ ___Tamanho___ ___SOM___
SNEeSe Não Sei a Versão _____MS-DOS __233KByets Sem Som
Snemul Não Sei a Versão _____MS-DOS __218KByets Sem Som
Snes9x Não Sei a Versão _____MS-DOS __353KByets Com Som
Snes9x Não Sei a Versão _____Win95/NT __451KByets Com Som
ZSnes Não Sei a Versão _____MS-DOS __87,5KByets Com Som



Minhas sinceras desculpas ao usuários, mas os meus links estavam 90% estragados!!!
Espero corrigi-los a tempo!!! Dentro de 1 mês eles estarão aqui.


Master System/Game Gear



___Nome___ ___Versão___ ___Operado Modo___ ___Tamanho___ ___ Som___
Massage ___v.2.974___ ______MS-DOS __103KByets _Com Som
MasterGear ___v.0.88___ ______MS-DOS __203KByets _Com Som
Sparcade ___v.0.83 f ______MS-DOS __88.7KByets _Com Som



Minhas sinceras desculpas ao usuários, mas os meus links estavam 90% estragados!!!
Espero corrigi-los a tempo!!! Dentro de 1 mês eles estarão aqui.


Nintendo 8bits (Nintendinho)



___Nome___ ___Versão___ ___Operado Modo___ ___Tamanho___ ___ Som___
Famicom ____v.4.0 ______MS-DOS ___153KByets _Com Som
NesLord ___ v.0.55 ______MS-DOS ___ 42.8KByets _Com Som







Bad Dudes

Blade of Steel



California Games





Donkey Kong Jr.

Dragon Warrior

Dragons Lair

Double Dragon

Double Dragon 2

Double Dribble

Duck Tales

Elevator Action

Empire Strikes Back

Excite Bike

Final Fantasy I


Ghosts'N Goblins

G.I Joe




Ice Climb

Karate Champ

Little Nemo

Lode Runner


Mario 2

Mario 3

Mario is Missing

Mario X


Megaman 2

Megaman 3

Megaman 4

Megaman 6



Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden 2

Ninja Gaiden 3

Opertaion Wolf

Punch Out


Rc Pro AM

Robin Hood


Skate or Die


Tecmo Bowl



Tiny Toon




Wizard Warrior



Zelda 2


Nintendo 64



___Nome___ ___Versão___ ___Operado Modo___ ___Tamanho___ ___ Som___
Unreality ___v.0.2a _____Win95/NT __185KByets _Com Som



Minhas sinceras desculpas ao usuários, mas os meus links estavam 90% estragados!!!
Espero corrigi-los a tempo!!! Dentro de 1 mês eles estarão aqui.




___Nome___ ___Versão___ ___Operado Modo___ ___Tamanho___ ___ Som___
Bleen ___v.0.2a _____Win95/NT/98 __144KByets _Com Som



Este emulador (todos são asim) só funciona com o cd do playstation (vc coloca o CD e executa o programa, e ele vai rodar o CD do playstaion).