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The Light Faith Fellowship Church

The Light Faith Fellowship Church,

is a church that Embraces all people and their beliefs. The mission of the church is to feed and help the homeless families that live on the streets of America and the World. 

Our Goals are,

to establish food banks and drop in centers to better the human living condition, and help create a world where proper food, housing,education, and medical care are not a privilege, but a right to every citizen of our planet.

We believe, all conditions of poverty must be addressed and solved, before our world can spiritually progress as a whole. 

We believe, no child should ever have to suffer or lose their family unit do to the condition of poverty, or need of our support.

    We believe, that the future starts Now, and rests in the hearts who have the courage to make it a better world for all,by replacing hopelessness with love and positive action to all humanity.

We Invite you to Join us in making this a better world for us to live in.

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