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  BANAT  Export   Import  Co.



Mr Jon Valjan


We are Export Agent Represantive based in the City of New York U.S.A. We offer
procurement services ie..Purchasing sourcing and Organaising, specialized in export of Agricultural Products and Goods, food & food processing, clothing, Jeans, Technical goods, Parfums and Cosmetics.

If  you are planning to purchase any merchandise from the U.S.A. for your needs, we can act on your behalf as your agent with competence and reliability.

Banat Export Sales Agent has been in business for over 5 years.
Exports to 23 countries and enjoys excellent reputation for extremely reliable and prompt service. Please contact us for supply of Food Grains and any and all Food Products indicating quantity that you need and the destination port. Provide us maximum information available to allow us in submitting an intelligent quotation.


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