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Wayne's Antique Pump Engines

Some of my Engines

Hello, I am located on an acreage 23 miles north east of Lloydminster which is on the Saskatchewan/Alberta border. I am putting a map in the links at the bottom of the page, how to get to my place from Lloydminster. I add new pictures of engines on this page as I get them restored. I do have extra parts for some engines so you can e-mail me for requests, I may have what you need???? I have parts engines and some new parts for the IHC LA/LB engine such as mag gears,govenors. I also have some parts engines for the McCormick Type M 1.5 hp and the Fairbanks Morse Z type D. This is the remains of a very large 16 H.P. Stickney engine, located in a bush close to home. This is a 15 h.p.Fairbanks Morse dated,1916, which came out of the Pioneer Grain elevator in Neilburg when they were tearing it down in 1986, I only had to pay $1.00 for the two elevator engines,not a bad deal This is a Crossley sideshaft engine which I can't tell you much about right now, not alot of info about this model out there. Before picture of NOVOafter restoring this 3 hp, serial#37374, on Jan.21,1999. Unrestored 10 hp IHC Titan Saw-rig Unrestored Massey Harris Type 1, serial #N156 , I need the webster mag bracket for this engine if anyone has one for sale. This is a very small globe engine built between 1908-1910. I know this is not an old Stationary Engine but I added it anyway. It's my 1964 Corvette Stingray that I've owned since 1984. Now that I've finished my NOVO, my next restoration is going to be on the Type 1 Massey Harris and an 8 cycle Aeromotor of Chicago. I will post their pictures when they are restored! I have about 30 unrestored engines at present so the work is never done. I'm lucky that my brother's one of the best welders on the planet and I can con him into free welding, helps keep the costs down. This is my 6 hp John Deere Casey and Spartacus Myself during my football career. Это - мой праздник в Одессе, Украина в июле 2004. Моя красивая будущая жена Антонина и сын, Владимир. 15 января 2005 Антонина и я были женаты в Одессе, Украине. Она - совершенная жена, моя российская Принцесса.
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