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Polish Heavy Draft Horse

Other Names: Zimnokrwiste, Konie Pogrubione, Lowicz, Sztum, Sololka, Gravolin, Lidzbark

Origin: Poland

Color: Chestnut, bay, roan, sometimes black or gray.

Avg Height: 15 to 16.3 hh

Avg Weight: 1433 to 1650 lbs

Build: All five types of Polish draft horses are sound and robust. The heads tend to be large, with sloping shoulders and short, deep bodies. The limbs are short with little feathering. Most are chestnut, although the Sztum can be bay or roan and the Sokolka may be gray. The Sztum is the largest and heaviest of the group and the Lidzbark is the smallest.

Temperament: Calm, patient and adaptable.

Main use: Forestry, farming, hauling and pack work.

Special abilities: Excellent working horses and are able to work in all climates over difficult terrain. Very economical to keep.

History: Composite of cold-blooded breeds: mainly Ardennes, Belgium, Rhein Belgium. Breeding horses has long been a Polish tradition. There are actually five different types of Polish Draft horses, although they are all called Polish Draft. They have been bred in different regions for different purposes. The five main types are the Lowicz, the Sztum, the Sololka, the Gravolin and the Lidzbark. Each was bred from local stock with outside influences. Thousands of Polish Draft horses were used during World War II. Unfortunately most of them were killed at that time. Today the draft is still widely used for forestry, farming, hauling and pack work.

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