Sky Diving


Twelve thousand feet above the Earth,

You jump out of the Heavens,

Through the clouds.


Excitement !

Determination !

Fear !

Adrenaline !

Exhilaration !


Falling Flying ..


The rush of the air screaming through your helmet onto your ear drums is almost overwhelming.

Your first reaction is to hold on to something, but there is nothing to grab.

You ask yourself if you are insane.

Yet you have never felt more intense, never more alive.


Heart pounding .. Mind racing . Muscles ready


You have the feeling of extreme speed, but there is no reference point. Everything is so far away.

You have only been falling for a few seconds, but it seems like forever.

Time becomes an abstract concept, yet your very nerve endings hang on every second.


You start to play in the wind .. soaring turning . forward . back


You realize you can see to the ends of the Earth in every direction.


still falling . still flying


Soon you notice that the ground is getting closer,



still soaring still turning ..


You pull the rip cord.....


The change in speed is almost brutal ...... The assault on your senses vanishes in an instant

...... you feel as if you are being lifted back up toward the sky ......

            .... overwelmed by the silence.


Floating in empty space ... smothered in wonder.....


Dancing on the wind like a primeval bird of prey, you drift to the ground like a leaf falling from the top of a giant tree.


    the impact with terra firma comes to soon.........

Your body bounces against the Earth in a haze of dust.......You roll and come to a stop.


You are in a state of awe, amazed by what transpired in the last few minutes.

Your mind cannot totally grasp what your senses just experienced.


And every nerve in your body keeps saying .WOW!




John Greenwood 2007