The Legend
One day a young boy named Xavier Roberts wandered into a magical cabbage patch that was hidden behind a beautiful waterfall. he discovered busy little bunny bees sprinkling cabbages with magical crystals. Suddenly all sorts of different kids and babies peeked out of the cabbages. Each one had his or her own special look, personality, name, and birthday. "I'll call you the Cabbage Patch Kids!" he said as they all cheered. Xavier fell in love with these Kids and built Babyland General Hospital just for them. It's a safe and happy place to live and play until they are adopted.

Time Line of the Origins of the Cabbage Patch Kids
21 year old Xavier Roand is an art student. He discovers needle molding, which is a German technique on sculpting fabrics that originated in the 1800s. He combined this technique with his talented for quilting, which he learned from his mother, to create soft sculptures.

As a college student working through school, he was employed at Helen, Georgia's Unico Craft store where he was the manager. During this time, Xavier Roberts develops the concept to market his Little People by having them be adoptable with birth certificates.

Xavier in 2011

Xavier enters the art show in Osceola where he wins the first place sculpture ribbon for this creation Dexter. He then begins delivery and exhibition of his soft sculpture handmade Little People at all tpes of arts and crafts shows throughout the southeast. His adorable handsigned creations are quickly adopted by delighted parents who are happy to pay the $40 adoption fee. Returning home to Georgia, he organizes 5 friends from school and incorporates Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc. He then renovates the L.G. Neal Clinic into Babyland General Hospital which is open to the public and showcases his Little People.

The growing success of Xavier's hand made Little People Originals is documented by Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlanta Weekly, and many others. There are reports that earlier editions are re-adopting for as much as 100 times their initial adoption fee.

Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc. signs a long term licensing agreement allowing a major toy manufacturer to produce a Toy replica of Xavier's hand made soft sculpture Originals. These Toy versions are recognizable by their smaller size, vinyl head and adoption fees usually under $30.00. At the same time, the name Little PeopleĀ® is changed to the "Cabbage Patch KidsĀ®" which is used for both the Toys and the hand made Originals.

By the end of the year almost 3 million of the Cabbage Patch Kids Toys have been adopted but demand has not been met. The Cabbage Patch Kids Toys go on record as the most successful new doll introduction in the history of the toy industry. In December, they are featured on the cover of Newsweek.

And the Rest Is History

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