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Welcome to the wonderful world of Tiffany! I am glad you managed to find your way to my site where I can share my love of all things cabbage patch kids. Here is me at Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia. This website was built to showcase my passion of soft sculptured cabbage patch kids and showcasing a few of the soft sculpture, Coleco, Mattel, Hasbro, TRU, and Play Along cabbage patch kids I sometimes have for adoption.

Updated - July 23, 2010
I have just updated my kids for adoption page. You will find softies and TRU kids.

Plus, I am always looking for new cabbages to add to my patch, especially early edition Little People. If you have any Xavier Roberts soft sculpture or mass market kids looking for new homes, e-mail me at with pictures and prices. Thanks!

Updates for 2001
I am planning my annual trip to Babyland where I will be making my 11th trip to the Spring Event Convention. I just renewed my membership and I can't wait to go and come back and post some pictures of my trip, which will hopefully include Xavier. Speaking of new for the year, I just adore the new k2 babyland exclusive kids. They are adorable and I already have a 2. Susan is a pretty little tan braids girl and Wyatt is a cute little lemon looped boy. So far I haven't added any new kids to my soft sculpture collection but I am hoping to find a cute kid or two there. I have strayed a little from the cabbages with my new pullip purchase of Eos, a steampunk doll who is fabulous!

Me at Babyland General Hospital, home of the original Little People - Check out my soft sculptured cabbage patch kids!

Xavier Roberts Cabbage Patch Kids
I have been collecting Cabbage Patch Kids seriously since 1998, and in 2000, I got my first soft sculpture.

There's been no turning back since. I have around 20 to 30 soft sculptures in my patch, including a few Little People, and I am hoping to add a few more.

Please feel free to browse my site to learn more about me, my cabbage patch collection, and to learn recent upcoming event, including my visit to Babyland General Hospital where I saw kids from the new editions and older Little People babies!

If you are interested in adopting, one of my cabbage patch kids or chatting, please e-mail me at or visit the best cabbage patch soft sculpture website -!


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