An * by a kid's name indicates that there is a  link to 
another picture of the kid with their original outfit on. 
Triang Pedigree Girl
Box is torn, but girl is Mint.
*Otis Winston (Gold Boy)
born April 30th
Mint with open papers
*Morgan Otto (Gold Boy)
born May 31st
Mint, Handsigned w/papers


Bridgette Eve
born August 24th
Key Chain Girl  NRFB
Bobbi Dena
born August 3rd
Key Chain Girl  NRFB
Skye Yvette
born November 19th
Snuggly Fun Girl


Rosetta Britt
born July 29
Golden Holiday Fairy
Florinda Margaret
born January 28th
Snow Magic Fairy
Gretel Ella
born April 16th
Christmas Wish Fairy


Rikki Kitty
Halloween Kity w/tear in box
Freckled Girl
Mint with Inner Box
*Russell Palmer (Ivory)
 born March 22nd
Mint w/open papers & tag
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