About Me and How I Started Collecting

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I have been collecting cabbge patch kids since 1983. My first cabbage patch kid was Rory, 1983 Coleco. He had tan fuzzy hair with blue eyes and freckles. He has been everywhere with me including college. I had several other cabbage patch kids, but none were as special as Rory. I grew up and stopped playing with toys.

In 1996, I started surfing the internet, and I found ebay and tried to find a replacement Rory for my mom, since he was hers originally. As a poor college student, I could never quite afford a MIB one just like him, but I did join quite a few cabbage patch groups and discovered soft sculpture cabbage patch kids, which I though were ugly and couldn't believe people would spend so much money on them.

But then I went to Babyland for a cabbage patch gathering in 2000, and when I saw the soft sculptures in person I fell in love. I quickly began adding softies to my collection and the next year, I joined the collectors club, where I met a great group of people. Some of whom shared their 10th year as a collector with me -- you can see us getting our 10-year bud in the picture.

10 Year buds

My Favorite Editions
Through the years, I've had all types of kids with me, including some of the older Little People. My oldest Little People kid is Maggie, and i hope to add more to my collection in the coming years. Some of my favorite editions include the 1998 Winter Snuggles, 2000 27 Inch kids, all the sprouts, 2000-2006 kids, and Tigers Eye kids. Of course, I love the Little people editions, especially the E and U editions because they have so much variety. I still collect a lot of mass market kids, specifically the Colecos and TRU kids. I love the new Babyland exclusive kids.

Let's Talk Cabbage
I love meeting fellow cabbage patch collectors. So if you want to talk cabbage, feel free to contact me. And don't forget to check out my links section to find out about cool groups where cabbage patch collectors talk cabbage.

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