> Hello, I have received Noel. I am sorry that I am > going to have to report being unsatisfied with her. > In your description you stated that she was clean and > free of snags and pulls. When I received her I > carefully checked her over the way I do all my new > purchases. I was horrified to discover that not only > did she have black stuff on one of her hands, but she > also had several pulls and snags—one on her face near > her eyebrown, a few on her hands and arms, and many > multiple snag on her legs as well as brown water spots > on the back of one leg. I wish that you had reported > these flaws in the auction. I was expecting a cabbage > patch in good condition with no obvious marks...I did > not receive that. I am sorry that our transaction has > ended so badly. I wanted to explain to you first in > an e-mail why I have to leave you negative feedback. > I hope in the future you are more detailed with the > flaws in your auctions, so that others will not be > disappointed the way I was. Tiffany

Tiff any the dolll I sent you was not as you have described her. If you are a buer who switches items I will leave such info. to future sellers to you. I will be awiting her return. Toni