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Here you can find an e-mail pen pal to write to if you need help with cheerleading or just want to chat with a fellow cheerleader. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and e-mail me it to me if you would like to be a CHEERpal listed on my page. Don't blame me if you try and email someone and they don't respond people change their email addresses a lot so, please if you are listed on my page, tell me when you change your address.

Name: sHeLby
E-mail Address:
Age: 15
Location: ViRiNiA BeAcH BaYBeE
Years Cheerin: 3
Who do you cheer for now: KeMpSvILLe HiGh ScHoOL cHiEfS
Comment: hEy! LiKe mAh pAgE? iT tAkEs a ReAL cHeErLeaDeR tO bUiLd wIthOuT hAmMeRs aNd nAiLs, eMaiL to ChaT oR gEt aDviCe BuHbYE:)

Name: Sarah
E-mail Address:
Age: 12-March 26, 88
Location: Mass/abington
Years Cheering: 4
Who do you cheer for now: I am on two squads the mohawks and knights
Comment: In cheerleading you have to really get along w/ all of the girls,you have to try and also have lots of fun!

Name: Stephanie
E-mail Address:
Age: 12
Location: Virginia Beach
Years Cheerin: 3
Who do you cheer for now: ChC
Comment: I love cheerleading. It really makes u a great person!

Name: Jasmine
Email Address:
Age: 15

Location: Jax, Florida
Years Cheerin: 4
Who do you cheer for now: SSAA
Comment: I like learning other peeps cheers and helping them perfect their moves or just giving tips!

Name: Anna
Email Address: NUSIE PUGI
Age: 13
Location: California
Years Cheerin: 2
Cheer for now: SCS
Comment: I like doing basket tosses, and giving advice to people about cheerleading.....I am almost 14, and i will basically talk 2 ne1 of any age (that is around my age). But as long as you are nice. :-)

Name: Megan
Email Address:
Age: 14
Location: Va Beach, Va
Years Cheerin: 3
Who do you cheer for now: Spirit Xplosion
Comment: My Favorite Stunt (a stunt sequence) Tuck out basket,reload to a cupie, half turn, double twist cradle, half turn reload to a arrowbess pull torch, double twist cradle. Favorite Jump is a Russian

Name: Jenny
Email Address:
Age: 12
Location: Texas
Years Cheerin: all star team for three years, middle school cheerleader first year (4 years)
Who do you cheer for now: Timberwood Middle School
Comment: My favorite stunt is liberty and my favorite jump is a left herkie.

Name: Meaghan
E-mail Address:
Age: 12
Location: Michigan
Years Cheerin: 2
Who do you cheer for now: MCH and JMS
Comment: Anyone need help with cheerleading email me. I can give u hints cheers and we can just talk!!! Email me!!

Name: Alicyn
Age: 15
Location: Ohio Years Cheerin: 4 years
Cheer for now: BHS Varsity Squad
Commernt: I am in 10th grade. I have been on our Varsity Squad for 2 years now. Last year, I cheered at the Jeep Aloha Bowl in Hawaii. I was an NCA All-American! Email me, and we can chat!!

Name: Britany
Age: 14
Location: Kentucky Years Cheerin: 5 years, 1 year all star team (first year)
Cheer for now: Spencer County Middle School
Comment: cheerleading rocks!!!! my fav stunt is a heel stretch and my squads basket toss! and my fav jump is a toe-touch and righ herkie! IM or e-mail me any time and we can talk about anything with cheering!!!!

Name: Karin
E-mail Address:
Age: 15 (11*21*84)
Location: Frederick Co., Maryland I cheer for Catoctin High
Years Cheerin: 6 years
Who do you cheer for now: Catoctin Cougars
Comment: Hey Cheerleaders!! I have been cheering since I was in Elementary School, It's a great sport to get involved in. If ya wanna ask me anything, or just chat with another cheerleader, I.M. me (mispilly1) or E-mail me!! Chat with ya later!

Name: Sharita
E-mail Address:
Age: 16
Location: Jax, FL
Years Cheerin: 6
Who do you cheer for now: Wolfson High School
Comment: I've been cheerin since the sixth grade and i think i know a little bit about it seeing that I'm in the 11th and still doing it, so if ya need some advice or have a question feel free to email me!

Name: Courtney
E-mail Address:
Age: 12
Location: Long Island, NY
Years Cheerin: 1 year
Who do you cheer for now: The Connetquot T-Birds!
Comment: (no comment left)

CHEERpal Form:


E-mail Address: (Dont forget to include your server

Age:(you can also include your birthday)

Location: (where do you live and cheer)

Years cheerin: (How long have you cheered)

Who do you cheer for now:

Comment: (what would you like to talk to cheerleaders about? What is your favorite thing about cheerleading, stuff like that!)