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Welcome to The Canadian Cavalier Breeder Webring

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This webring, established July 1999, is intended to promote only the serious, ethical Canadian Breeder. To join this webring a site must meet specific criteria; information submitted is subject to verification. Inclusion in this ring is a privilege, and submitting your site is not necessarily a guarantee that you will be added to the ring.

Canadian Cavalier Breeder Ring Criteria

  • 1. Are you a member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club?

  • 2. Is your kennel name officially registered with the Canadian Kennel Club?

  • 3. Are you a member in good standing of at least one Cavalier breed club?

  • 4. Do you regularly exhibit your breeding stock in Canadian Kennel Club sanctioned conformation shows under qualified judges to measure your dogs against the breed standard?

  • 5. Do you do routine genetic testing (on your breeding stock at least) conducted by board certified veterinary specialists? Specifically: CERF, OFA, MVD Screening?

  • 6. Do you repeat annually those tests which require ongoing monitoring?

  • 7. Do you wait until at least the second season to breed a bitch and refrain from using immature males at stud?

  • 8. Do you educate and screen puppy homes prior to sales; and are you a continuing resource after a sale?

  • 9. Do you sell pet puppies on non-breeding contracts with spay & neuter clauses; or arrange for juvenile spay/neuter of puppies prior to releasing them into pet homes?

  • 10. Do you agree to take back a puppy that must be re-homed, regardless of reason?

    If you answered YES to all the above criteria questions, we invite you to submit your site!

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