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Duhamel Cemetery
 1.Duhamel 1881-1891
2.  Duhamel 1892-1901
3. Duhamel 1902-1911
4. Duhamel 1912-1921
5.  Duhamel 1921-1949

                            NAME                                          DEATH DATE                AGE                                          TESTES

Salois; John Emilien Oct.13;1921 36 yrs.old Bourque; GeorgesDumont; Pascal
Descheneau; Louis Oct. 17;1921 1 1/2 yrs. old Laboucane; Francois(Joseph's son)
Goin; Edward Oct. 31;1921 70 yrs.old Laboucane; James and Francois
Kienast; Joseph Jan. 7;1922 70 yrs.old Laboucane; Philippe Redinger;John
Hodgson; John July 12;1922 43 yrs. old Trautman; John Greenwood; O.
Boudreau; Veronique July 22;1922 24 yrs. old Laboucane; James Mulcahy;William
Paradis; Joseph Oct. 18;1922 6 mos. old Cowan; W. Grant; J.
Dumont; Laurence Oct. 25;1922 4 mos. old Laboucane; James Parasis;V.
Descheneau; Marie Jan. 6;1923 9 minutes Descheneau; H. Laboucane; James
Pelter Baby March 2;1923 19 days old Pelter; ---- Keogh; G.
Laboucane; Philippe  March 8;1923 --------- Redinger; John and Helena
Paradis; Marie April 25; 1923 11 days old Descheneau; Pierre Dumont;Theodore
Anonson; Arthur  May1;1923 7 days old ---------- ------ ------- ---------
Breland; Samson Sept.17;1923 24 yrs. old Martz; Joseph Granger; Frank
Dumont; Victor March 31;1924 18 yrs. old Laboucane; James Redinger;John
Campion; Esther Sept. 14;1924 ----------- Redinger; John Laboucane;James
Dumont; Pierre Feb. 26;1925 70 yrs. old Martz; Joseph Laboucane;James
Descheneau; Daniel  March 27;1925 2 mos. 9 days old --------------- ------- -----
Bourque; Arsene April 9;1925 60 yrs. old Mulkahy; William Durand; Arthur
Pratte; Rose May 17;1925  3 mos. 1 day old Laboucane; James Cabana;Georges
Dumont; Nancy A. Sept. 28;1925 96 yrs. old Dumont; Elie and Francois
Salois; Angele Nov. 24;1925 ------------ Laboucane; James Dumont;Elie
Paul; Philippe Feb. 27;1926 62 yrs. old Laboucane; James Martz; Joseph
Paul; Florentine March 17;1926 58 yrs. old Busness; E. Breland; D.
Pratte; Alexander April 12;1926 14 yrs. old His Father
Anderson; Sylvester April 26;1926 4 hrs. Trautman; P. and W.
Mulcahy; William  April 30;1926 62 yrs. old Granger; F. Martz; J.
Descheneau; Florence  May 15;1926 4 mos. 13 days old Redinger; H. Laboucane;E.
Rattel; Sophie Jan. 17;1927 68 yrs. old Martz; J. Laboucane; J.
Dumont; Gerald   Oct. 5;1927 2 mos. old Laboucane; E.
Martz; Raphael J . Jan. 1;1928 5 hrs. Martz; J. Laboucane; J.
Martz; Elizabeth Aug. 2;1928 69 yrs. old Laboucane; J. Durand; Arthur
Martz; Lucile A. Feb. 6;1929 2 3/4 yrs. old Martz; J. Laboucane; J.
Lapointe; Charles A. April 15;1929 75 yrs. old Laboucane; J. Ditburner;F.
Martz; Benedict J. May 29;1929  34 days old Martz; J. Durand; A.
Gauchee; Dolphus W.  June 16;1929   54 yrs. old Laboucane; J.Martz; J.
Horvat Baby Oct. 9;1929   19 min. Trautman; W. Laboucane; C.
Vanouck; Fred H. Nov. 12;1930   ------------ Trautman; W. Laboucane;C.
Ryback; Jack June 11;1931 33 yrs. old Lypka; P. Fowko; W.
McGovern; Margaret  Aug. 17;1932 1 day Tremble; G. Laboucane; J.
Hodgson; Kathleen Jan. 3;1933  73 yrs. old Boisvert; O. Laboucane;J.
Hodgson; John Oct. 26;1933  81 yrs. old Laboucane; J. Wempe; J.
Durand; William Oct. 8;1935 64 yrs. old Laboucane; J.
Redinger; John May 1;1936  80 yrs. old Didburner; F.Ratell; K.
Laboucane; Jeanne Sept. 23;1936 23 yrs.old Didburner; F. Wempe; J.
Kienast; George J. Jan. 31;1937 2 mos. 9 days old McGovern; J. Wympe;Mrs. J.
Kienast; Louise Feb. 1;1937 87 yrs. old Shea; Mr. and Mrs. W.A.
Beillevaire; Hypolite FATHER March 18;1937  89 yrs. old Nelligan; L.Walravens Rev. L.C.

  The following Burials presided over by Father P.F. Harrington Camrose P.P.

Durand; Jerry June 5;1937 Hours Didburner; F; Laboucane; J.
Durand; John June 5;1937 Hours  Didburner; F. Laboucane; J.
Wempe; J. Gayard June 21;1937 5 days old Didburner; F. Wempe; J.
McGovern; J. Patrick  July 27;1937 36yrs. old McGovern; J. Trautman; Mrs. P.
Jacobs; Benjamin June 1;1938 84yrs. old Didburner; F. Laboucane; J.
Durand; James Dec. 4;1938  6yrs. old Durand; T. Durand; L.
Durand; Arthur   Feb. 15;1939 81yrs. old Stoley; C. Durand; Mrs. H.
Lambert; Mary Jane May 3;1939 81yrs. old Markan; W. Laboucane; J.
Breland; Mrs. Clemence  July3;1939 88 yrs. old Laboucane; J. Laboucane; J.
Durand; Mrs. Henry  Aug. 21;1939 39 yrs. old Durand; L. Durand; Mrs. C.
Lapointe; Marg. Feb. 11;1941 77yrs. old Knapp; Mr. and Mrs. W.
Daley; Francis J. April 10;1941 88yrs. old Burgar; Hiram Daley; Mrs. V.
Dumont; Leora June 14;1941  StillBorn Dumont; T. Laboucane; Mrs. J.
Dumont; Pascal Aug. 24;1941 79yrs. old Dumont; Eli Dumont; P.
Bourque; Mary March 3;1943 78 yrs. old Bourque; Henry Laboucane; J.
Durand; Robert Aug. 5;1944 10 yrs. old Didburner; F. Laboucane; Mrs. J.
Martz; John April 3;1945  94yrs. old Burgar; H. Gau; J. H.
Redinger; Edward Aug. 14;1946 7days old   Martz; J. Laboucane; J.
Gauchee; Mathilda June 8;1947 72 yrs. old  Didburner;F.Mulcahy;Mrs. 
Laboucane; Christine Sept. 24;1947 38 yrs. old   Burgar; H. Laboucane; J.
Sharkey; Homer Dec. 6;1947 58yrs. old Shea; T. Laboucane; Mrs. J.
McGovern; Mrs. Bridget  Nov.1;1948 22 yrs. old Burgar; H. Laboucane; Mrs. J.
Durand; Anna  Jan. 12;1949 84 yrs. old Burgar; R. Laboucane; Mrs. J.