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Pretty Hill Burial Grounds
Unregistered Gravesite #2

    The PrettyHill burial grounds were/are located north west of Camrose , or south of the present day town of Armena. Statistically located for observational purposes , this hill could overlook the area to the south and north for the dreaded enemy, the Blackfoot Tribe. The Cree, had a fresh supply of water near by, from the Stoney Creek, and would camp in this area while hunting buffalo . The north side of this huge hill could disguise a very large encampment from the south quite easily, and probably did in many years prior to the epidemic.
    In , or around 1870, the dreaded small pox epidemic almost completely wiped out the population of the Cree Tribe in this area, leaving only a couple of survivors from this band. From the tales of Peocus, many history books of the area quote his remarks as to hearing of the tragedy of the camp a few weeks after the epedemic destroyed it. What is known as to the history of these people is the fact they were Cree, and were acquainted to Peocus either in friendship or kinship. It is unknown if they were connected to the Beaver Hills band, and Chief Ketchamoot ,  or associated to the Lake Demay band, or both. Being the Lake Demay band was totally wiped out as well, one could assume there could have been communication between these two bands.
    Although there seems to be no marker or designated area that commemorates this tragedy in the history of our county near PrettyHill today, one can hope this could be rectified in the years to come .