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                                The Old Trondhjem Cemetery


         The majority of these graves are unmarked graves, a cairn has been provided to identify there is/was a grave there . All that remains in this graveyard are two identifiable grave stones, and a cement cover on another two unidentified graves. There is information on some of the names listed on the cairn , in the history book "Salute The Pioneers". If you do not have the resources to research this history book yourself, refer to the volunteer Lookup page for assistance.

Beeler, Mr. Sr.                            no date
Beeler, John                                no date
Benz, Charlie                              no date
Foss, Mabel                                  no date
Foss, Nils                                     no date
Foss, Ragnil                                1827-1903
Foss, Rasmus M.                        1825-1903
Goss, Etta                                     no date
Law, Albert                                  no date
Law, William                               no date
Lundgren, Child                         no date
Lundgren, Child                         no date
Lundgren, Fritz                          no date
Olesen, Neils                               no date
Pedersen, Oscar                         no date
Pederson, Infant son                 January 13-18, 1912
Pederson, Peter                          no date
Pruden, Frederick                     no date
Whitman, William                     no date