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New Salem School District #446 (Camrose area)
A History of families in this school district from 1905-1952
printed in 1998 by Sure Print and Copy Centre
Camrose AB.
Family History Surname Index

Anderson; Andrew and Esther
Bjaaland; Lars
Bosley; William and Clara
Burgess; Bob and Edna
Byers; Walter and Joyce
Campbell; Norma
Church; Howard
Church; Leonard and Joyce
Crannis; Rhea
Domanko; John and Elsie
Fadum;Yngvar and Merle
Foss; Dick and Diana
Foss; Casper and Doris
Gunderson; Terry
Haesloop; Rudy and Darlene
Haselwood; Tom and Lydia
Hastie; Doug and Janet
Hills; Vernon
Hills; Zilbert
Hills; Albert and Lucille
Hoyme; Melford
Hoyme; Arnold
Hoyme; Tosten and Berit
Hoyme; Edward and Alma
Hoyme; Konard
Hoyme; Ernest and Doreen
Hoyme; Orin
Hoyme; Cliff and Dorothy
Kehoe; John and Ann
Kehoe;Edward and Anastasia
Kehoe;Michael and Angelene
Kennedy; Ken and Jean
Krull; Grace
Lee;Walter and Marion
Lindberg;Andrew and Carrie
Lindberg;Wallace and Ethel
Mann; Jim and Almira
Maxwell;Garth and Myrna
McGee; Bill and Phyllis
McGee; Patrick and Rachel
Millang; Oliver and Elvera
Nielson;Hjalmer and Louise
Nordstrom; Albert and Alice
Peterson; Carl and Mamie
Pilger; Kurt and Helen
Quattrocchi;Joe and Freida
Reid; Cecil and Hazel
Rickards; John and Janet
Sage; William
Shea; George and Eva
Shea; Francis and Kathleen
Sheets; Robert W. and Edna M.
Shermack; Arthur and Margaret
Shermack; Roger and Barb
Shermack; Charles and Barbara
Sjerdal, William
Tanner; Albert
Teeple; Henry and Ethel
Thompson; Edwin and Violet
Thompson; Lloyd and Marlene
Thompson; Solvin and Myrtle
Thompson; Nola
Thompson; Dennis and Mickey
Van Der Voort; Willem and Sophie
Walline; Bob
Walters; Ernest
Woods; Bob and Laura
Woods; John and Gertie