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Ah, sourdough!  No bread in the world stirs the passions quite like sourdough.  Those who love it quest far and wide for THE perfect loaf . All across the world there are regional pockets of great sourdough - from San Francisco to New York to Paris to Munich to Melbourne - and lots of spots in between.  There is something here for everyone.  If you are new to sourdough we have compiled some information to help get you started.  If you think sourdough is only lip-puckering sour french-style breads, you are in for a new awakening.  If you are an old hand you might find some new ideas or tips to take your sourdough baking to a new level.  Let's get going, sourdough is a grand adventure!
What is Sourdough?
Obtaining a Starter
Maintaining a Starter
Baking with a Starter
Whole Wheat, Rye, Spelt 
& Other Grain Sourdough
Sourdough Books
Sourdough Links
Why Do Sourdough?


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Paris boulanger Basil Kamir, from the book "Bread Alone" by Daniel Leader & Judith Blahnik