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A Widow's Reply

My dear friend...

You say, "He will live on in your heart forever" and you mean well...
And I love you for saying it...


I say, "Yes, I know...but I cannot feel his touch.

I cannot feel his hand gently squeezing mine.
I cannot feel the brush of his shoulder against mine as he crosses the room.
I cannot feel his arms around he tells me he loves me.
I cannot feel him as he snuggles up behind me...and puts his arm around me... as we drift off to sleep.

And I cannot touch HIM...

I cannot reach out and squeeze his hand.
I cannot walk up behind him...and put my arms around him.
I cannot hug him and tell him that I love him.

I cannot feel his skin next to my skin.
His breath entwined with my breath.
His heart beating with my heart.

I have no one with whom to share my deepest darkest fears,
My insecurities,my pain,my tears...
And know that he will still be there
When I am through.

Yes,I have beautiful memories!
Yes,he will always be in my heart,in my soul,in my very being!

But please try to understand.

I can't FEEL him."

by Rhonda Powell
Copyright 1999