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JelloŽ Aquariums

Amounts of these ingredients are variable, depending on the number of treat cups needed or the size of the bowl used for a centerpiece. For a single large aquarium centerpiece, use 2 or 3 boxes of JelloŽ.

  • Berry Blue JelloŽ - blueberry flavor, for blue "water"
  • gummy fish or gummy sharks candy
  • small jelly beans for "gravel" (optional)
  • red leaf or romaine lettuce leaves (optional)

Preparation -
Prepare the JelloŽ as directed on the package. Refrigerate until cool and partially set (about 1 hour).

For individual party treats, use small, clear plastic, disposable cups or small fish bowls. For a party centerpiece, use a large Tiramisu bowl or other large clear glass bowl, or a new glass fish bowl. Place a layer of small jelly beans into the bottom of the cups or bowl. Add a few red leaf or romaine lettuce leaves for the seaweed, tucking the lower ends of the leaves under the jelly beans to hold it in place. Carefully spoon the partially set JelloŽ into the cups or bowl. Place a few gummy fish or gummy sharks in the JelloŽ. Refrigerate until the JelloŽ is firm and set.

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