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ITZ Facts!

All the boys agree Liturature is one of their fave subjects

Hanson used their garage as a practising studio,

and decorated it with all their art work.

None of the Hanson brothers currently have girlfriends.

Hanson has 4 other siblings: Jessica, Avery, Mackenzie and Zoe

Hanson's homeschooled

They use whatever shampoo is in the shower

Isaac's fave color is green, Tay's is red and Zac's is blue

Isaac's favorite icecream is Vanilla, Zac's is Chocolate and Tay's is Strawberry

Tay has a cat named mama

Isaac's zodiac sign is Scorpio, Tays is pisces and Zac's is Libra

Thats all we have for now but we will add more soon!

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