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God knew that we all need someone to share empathy and understanding through the chronic pain that many of us suffer from illness or accidents or from childhood scares and pain.
God knew that we need a source of courage and inspiration when trouble comes our way through our every day challenge of our pain'

God knew that we needed someone to be true to us and honest even from far away to keep us from giving up
God knew that someone who loves us will always hold a place in both our hearts.

That is why god united us on the net who share similar disability and feel the pain of one another through empathy.
God has ways of uniting people so that the future hold a brighter light ahead for our purpose in life.

Two heart have met this fine day with two soul but feel as one because of the perfect understand and the feeling shared for one another.
Faith has truly brought these two soul together for a very good reason to heal the wounds that are so very deep and we feel each other pain and shed our tears for one another.

God truly is guiding us to met our soul friend who can love each other in a matter of seconds just by the words we express for one another.
God has guided these special people to me that I treasure so very deeply in my heart and soul..
Thank-you God for leading these very special people to me and I am honored to be in their heart and soul.

This poem is dedicated two special genuine people who have a special place in my heart.

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