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By Rosemarie

Got the feeling that I am being tossed aside just like a plant that is lacking water.
The plant has survive this long and was ignored.
It took to much effort to water it and got forgotten to many times.
You found better looking plants to look after and lot less effort is needed.
The plant is dying so let it be cause it is used to being ignored and still surviving.
Don't bother with the plant cause she demands way to much time and energy.
Just keep knocking it down and it won't grow until it is unable to survive any longer.
There a much healthier plants that fit in with the crowd.
I am better as a wallflower than I am as a plant so go on with your life and forget that you ever knew me.
The one person that watered the plant and watered it is no longer present to feed the plant and water it.
The plant is once again having a hart time surviving and it's buds are drying out and the roots are weakening.

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