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by Marie-Rose

Written in the 1990

You know my deepest secrets.
Secrets that I never revealed before because I was scared to trust anyone.
I am so deep within myself and don’t like crying all the time.
Now that I like you please don’t toss me away. I never knew this part of me and it is scary l

ike a monster hiding and to come out when I am alone.

I love you and don’t want to lose you because I need you. Without your patience and kindness 

I would hide these bad feelings.

I need you to help me heal so that it won’t hurt so much. I don’t like being alone anymore and 

need your love and acceptance.

Please don’t toss me away when I keep coming back to you. These feelings hurt so very bad and 

I don’t know what to call them.

Please help me put a name to these feelings that are new to me.

Please don’t toss me away like throwing a dead plant away.