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  by Allison Katts 1991

[as a child]

Daddy don't you love me anymore.

I am sorry that I woke up my sister.

Sorry for being bad and for crying.

Sorry Daddy I'll cry into my pillow in silence.

I'll be quiet and not make a sound really Daddy

Daddy why don't you love me any more

What have I done that was so bad?

Maybe if I be good then he will love me .

Maybe Daddy will love me and hold me too.

Mommy doesn't have time to hold me in her arms.

Daddy what have I done to make you mad.

I'll shut my mouth and not make a sound.

I'll be quiet and not talk or laugh so loud.

I'll be good and play quietly and not cry.

Maybe then Daddy will love me too.

Mommy I don't feel well and have boo-boo ears.

Won't you hold me so I will feel better.

Sorry Mommy I won't bother you anymore.

I'll take my pillow and feel the warmth of it.

Maybe if I be quiet the pain will go away.

What have I done so bad to make them mad.

Maybe if I am good and quiet they will love me.

Maybe I cry far too much from boo-boo ears.

If I be quiet and not bother them they will love me then.

I'll be quiet as a mouse and not cry anymore

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