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1990 by Allison Katts

There is the Rose that found new talents in writing and is good as a student.

She is very intelligent and has very strong determination when she sets goals for herself She knows how to express her feelings through her writing. She contributes a great part of healing from her abuse.

Then there is the little Rose that is very insecure at times. She feels so much shame and guilt from the pain of the past.

She is overwhelmed with her feelings and emotions so she shuts them down because she learn to shut them down and was numb for a very long time.

She has trouble crying in front of others and cries in silence

Then there is the other little Rose who is a child emotionally and spiritually.

She is very frighten and is very scared of trusting people because she has been hurt so very badly.

She hides out and comes out only when she feels that it is safe. She is very needy like a child needing love, affection and reassurance.

She learnt to cry in silence in the closet and when she was by herself.

She needs to grow in a happy place and love herself without judgment.


Then there is Rose that is truly an artist and draws from her heart.

Through her drawing she feels so free, peaceful and puts her whole soul into it.

She loves drawing sceneries and people with such ease and smoothness.

In her bedroom she has painted a beautiful murial on the wall to feel at peace in there.

Then there is the Rose that is very assertive and has high self-esteem and confidant.

She is very conservative and quick at making decisions.

She'll stretch that dollar as far as she can stretch it and is good at getting bargains.

She budgets her finances for the family and her own finances effectively and proficiently.

She is very bright when it comes to numbers and dollar value.

Then there is Rose the mother and caretaker who loves her family and friends.

She only wants what is best for her whole family and is loyal to her friends.

She loves baking especially cinnamon buns that her children love so very much and trying out new dishes while cooking.

She loves making crafts and give homemade stuff for gifts

Then there is the Rose that loves doing woodworking like making coffee table, garden ornament, birds and butterflies.

She love working on cars repairing them, changing the oil and spark plugs and will go under to vehicle and help others work on their vehicle.

She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty from oil or grease because she love saving money and love working on vehicles.

She also does electrical like installing stereo into vehicle or putting light fixtures up or installing plug-in where needed in her home.

She is an outdoors person and loves to have a nice unique yard different from others and also loves gardening.