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Most Children that have to deal with unbearable experience either split from themselves because they cannot flee from the situations.

Most survivor experience splitting to some degree in their lives.

Children do not know how to flee from the situation so they leave their bodies by dissociating from it.

Splitting or going numb is one way for the child to cope from the pain that theycannot bare during the trauma.

Numbness is like splitting in order to block out the pain that is so overwhelming and traumatizing  because it was a coping technique for survival.

While in recovery you will find your true self and learn about your coping skills in order to change your behaviors and grow emotionally, and intellectually and spiritually.

There is bound to be a battle between the old you and the new you at some point of time because of the changes.

A survivor has so much to deal with in recovery of abuse and blocking it out at times is a form of protection to her from being overwhelmed from grief and not falling into pieces.

At time the survivor may need to split and dissociate because it could harm him/her more if drawn out to fast.

The survivor's know how much they can handle and the mind will not release more than we can handle.

It is a natural response to split or dissociate while in therapy because the traumas can be overwhelming or unbearable

to the survivors of incest/sexual abuse or any form of abuse.

It is very scary to experience so many feelings and emotions because  our survival skills were to numb out.

The most important thing is to have somewhere safe and someone who will listen to you.

Being heard and validated by a counselor or a friend is the most helpful and healing effect for a survivor

Others may not like your changes and may draw away from you in your time of healing however that is when you really find out who are your true friends.

Sometimes other will draw away because they have not dealt with their own issues.

Often times you will lose your immediate family and they call you a liar and that you made it all up.

Building a support system of new friends and lot of time friends are more like family.

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