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By Allison Rose Katts

I lost the inner child that was hidden in the closet..

It was not safe for her to come out any longer.

Because to many people used her and touched her body

As if it didn't belong to her, but that is belonged to them.

She did not own her body it was only part of what her life was all about.

She would look into the mirrors and wondered was it really her in the mirror?

She touch her body and felt and yet did it belong to her.

She had no sense of connection with her body being part of her.

It was hard for her to remain within the body and she would split from it.

In order for her to start loving and enjoying her body.

She wanted to be able to love and respect her body totally.

She knows that it will take time because self-love is so deep inside.

Being aware of her feeling is part of healing herself.

Being consistent and reassuring for her own self-love and self-worth.

Will she be able in time to feel that her body belongs to her?

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