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by Rose

So much pain and hurts within my subconscious 

from what happened to me in the past.

It feels as though it was to come gushing out of me 

but I know it will come as much as I can handle.

The memories and pain are stored in my left temple 

that reminds me every day of my physical abuse.

I release some of the pain through my writing, 

drawing and typing my stories.

There is so much pain stored that at times it is hard to 

bare and to handle.

It is not healthy to keep stuffing's' it back in because then 

I won't be free from my past.

The pressure points in my temples show up unexpectively

 like I am haunted from the past that was so devastating.

Releasing a little at the time is better then holding 

on to all the hurts that numb a person.

When there is a memory of the past I tended to fight it

 and only deal with it when it was safe and 

under the guidance of a therapist.

It is very important to have some help of a therapist

 or of a kindred spirit, another survivor

 so that we can feel heard.


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