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 By Rose Katts


Most victims of incest/sexual abuse with treatment are able to reclaim their dignity and their power.

It is a sign of health and it takes lots of courage to seeking help.

Belief's determines our attitude, judgment, values and they define our perception, relationship, education, sexuality, ethics, and our career choices and finances.

Belief's defines our best from bad and right from wrong.

Part of healing is changing our family belief's and values.

Affirmation is one way to erase the old programmed beliefs which takes consistency and lots of work on the survivor.

As adults we are responsible for making changes in our growth.

It takes lots of time to change and heal childhood belief's.

Our childhood belief's affected the way we behave in adulthood.

When we look into our past, the family belief/s and family rules, obedience of those rules, we can come to understand lots of our self-destructive behaviors that come into focus.

We need as survivors to put the responsibility and shame where it belongs because our needs were not met in childhood by our caretakers.

Understanding is essential in the beginning of changes, recovering because our needs were not met in childhood.

As children the responsibility and shame did not belong to us but to the caretakers who were adult with choices in their lives.

Understanding the connection between our belief's and our feeling is an essential step toward putting a stop to self-defeating behaviors.

The pain that we feel in recovery is a sign that the healing process has started.

Being good to ourselves and reaching out for a supportive person helps in our recovery.

Some majors shift in our belief's of who is responsible for the pain that was caused in our childhood is essential in healing the wounds.

Until we honestly assess, who own the responsibility, our caretakers we can go through life carrying the blame onto ourselves and others.

As long as we blame ourselves, we suffer self-hatred and shame.

A victim of incest/sexual abuse has low level of awareness because of blocked and suppressed memories and emotions.

It is essential to seek help in helping to becoming aware of beliefs and the self-destructive behaviors that we may not be aware of ourselves.

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