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By Alicia

I feel like I am on my own once again. Losing loved one, one by one in the place that was safety for the first time in my life.

The place of safety no longer feels safe cause the ones that I trusted and built a relationship with are slowly being let go because of funding.

One by one they are being taken away from us. The feeling of being alone is building up and I am losing my main support and the ones that accepted me.

The doors of safety are rapidly being closed down.

I am feeling the lost of so many loved one.

I hope that I can find other doors of safety now that I have opened myself to feel and to complete my journey of healing.

In my life there has not been many safe places and now that I have found a safe place to unload my main counselor is being let go cause of funding.

I feel so very alone and like a child because the place of safety does not feel the emptiness and the loss I feel losing her.

Slowly I find myself closing down emotionally and once again the only safe place is my room just like the child who was safe only hiding in the closet.

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