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Nobody wants to see her with her pain.

Stay away from the wounded lost puppy.

Because you will get to attached easily.

The puppy isn't healthy and cries to much.

She'll make you worry far to much.

Put that puppy out of her despair 

so that you don't have to worry any more.

It takes too much out of you so let her go.

Loving her will only take your time and energy.

Poor little lost puppy demands to much time

 in order for her to heal from her trauma.

Just walk beside her and pretend that 

she is not there and that somehow 

she will find the strength when 

she finds someone that has time to care for her.

She is lost and cannot find her way 

because her senses has weakened 

and her defenses has been taken away so young.

Just walk by her and forget she is there 

as so many have done before. 

Perhaps someday someone will pick her up 

and bring her to a loving home that cares.



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