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By Allison Katts

To be coaching the birth of a child is the greatest joy that a person could have the chance to experience. A birth is like a angel sent from above watching over the child. In a very delicate time of being brought into this world.

The greatest joy is to be helping her with her breathing and concentration. I needed be calm and collective and speak softly to the mother and to be encouraging while being non-judgmental in the fact that giving birth is painful but also a precious moments. I really felt there were angels watching over both of us cause

I was very weak from my recovery and so desperately wanted to be there for her like a mother with a daughter. We had bounded like mother daughter from me saving her from having to live out in the streets and through time she would call me mom.

Life's greatest joy is to be coaching the birth of a child that the angels have helped bring into this world. It is rough to be watching your daughter give birth because you so much want to take the pain away however that is not possible. As a mother I tried very hard to be strong and contain myself and helping by talking softly to her in order to calm her down and rub her back or message her in any ways that she needed.

To have the opportunity to be coaching the birth of a child which I call a special angel brought into this world with out love, compassion, and patience as they grow into beautiful angels of God. Once I heard the first sound of a cry from the baby's mouth tears came rolling down my cheeks from joy and happiness. And then to find out all is well with the child and it was healthy and strong. God does send special angels to all of us and I believe that we all serve as angels to many people in our lives.

To my angel who became like a daughter to me through trust and love for each other. I feel honoured and that I am the luckiest and most blessed woman by far to be coaching the birth of this precious child.


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