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Healing can be overwhelming

By Allison Katts


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When a survivor has suppressed their emotions for a long time tit can be very confusing and overwhelming during recovery.

I have been very confused and overwhelmed with emotions.

My childhood fears of abandonment surfaced during recovery to feeling of being tossed aside and like a nobody.

I was wondering where did I fit in and where did the inner child fit in.

I had feelings that I was a burden and felt like a little lost puppy.

I felt so very confused and was it worth it to feel all this pain.

I wanted someone to just take the pain away "fix it fast" because it was

overwhelming feelings of suicide and scary thought going through me at times.

I just wanted to give it up all together because it was just to very pain to relieve the pain.

It was so painful to feel my emotions and deal with all of my traumas of the past.

Still I continued into my recovery and healing the child within.

Lots of times I just wanted to live the present day and forget the past and just numb myself.

I was having such terrible migraines and was unable to manage my life.

I needed to be around people that would not condemn the child within and that it was okay to be spontaneous and playful.

The biggest thing for me was to realize that it was okay to make mistakes and learn from


I learnt how to change my faults and negativity into positivity.

I needed to nurture my whole being body, soul and spirit.

Through healing and recovery I learnt to be my own best friend

being aware is a transformation in healing thyself and the wounded child or children within.  


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