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By Rose Katts Copyright 1990


Hang in there my new found friend.

The road of healing is rough at times.

The road does get smoother as times goes by.

Life is not always fair to us and other people.

We have to heal our wounds and love ourselves.

There is a purpose in life for all of us.

We only need to find what our purpose in life is.

Before we can do that we need to deal with our past.

We need to understand the cycle and heal from our traumatic past.

In order for us to know how to become beyond victim.

We have no control over our past.

Our past has made us who we are today and we are survivors.

Through our healing of our traumatic past we will become healthier person.

We will become a better person from it and gain what was lost to us.

To gain back our self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence which was taken away from us so very young.

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